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The June Seniors, donning the Cap and Gown for the first time, took part in the procession which was lead by the: Southern, Senator and Mrs.

Moses, Senator and Mrs. He has a smile and handshake good for a majority vote in any doubtful election and we ex- pect to see him m the watning of the U, S, Senate or some Stale Legislature some day. She is also a lilerary genius of no small degree, and in lliis line her host of friends know she will bring honor to her Alma Mater. Bui having had so much experience as treasurer, perhaps he ihinks "money talks," and why offer it dste competition. Hennella firmly believes that to be interesting one must have a hobby Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho so she has heis— and it is well developed.

From the present in- dications we may soon expect lo hear of Dr. Bosworth and to see his shingle hanging high and proclaiming to all who pass that here may be found an excellent dis- penser of pills and potions.

Miss Bradley may be seen on the campus most any day from five to seven, and she is always very intent on something — we wonder if Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho is always her studies. She graduated from fres State Normal School at Athens, Dage, and she has had the advantage of studying in several private schools in England.

We feel that we have profited greatly from the short acquaintance. He has also attended N. Think Mature woman in rural Davenport likes us pretty well, for next year he is going to enlist in the ranks as a G, W. Coming to George Washington from the Naval Academy, Don brought wilh him much enthusiasm and found an outlet for some of it by being a staunch sup- porter of the Junior Class ofAs he has decided to remain in the D, C.

Coombs brings with him a long list of activities from Doane College, Nebraska, which he attended fromincluding President of the junior Class, an Editor of the Doane Owl, and a member of the College Debating Team.

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He later attended the Uni- versity of Nebraska, and finally transferred his energies to Sundance, Wyoming, where he was principal of a high school. After spending two and a half years at Ohio State, he made the ac- quaintance of G. Has the reputation of getting his LL. Going some, we would say! As to house parties, etc. We are glad she has felt that way, for her geniality has made her a general favorite with both professors and stu- dents.

While there, he was a member of Kappa-Gamma Fraternity. But we realize that all good things cannot go on for- ever even at G. During Charlie's brief stay at G. C his home after graduation. And it would appear that he will become a partner in a well established real estate and banking house.

We shall soon know how Randolph - Macon misses her, for she will soon leave our midst. Clarence is very Fond of working, and yet like most mortals he waits until the spirit or his friends move him.

We will admit, though, that he is at quite a disad- vantage. Her enthusiastic interest in her studies is excelled only by her warm southern friendli- ness.

She attended Louisiana State University before getting the finishing touches at G. He has been with us two years and made himself felt in a Wheres my naughty girl 50 Emden 50 Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho ways around the campus, always being active in everything he has been connected with.

His greatest ambition is to be a corporation lawyer and help the trusts continue to rob the common horde. Had an ambition to learn medicine in the national capital and consistently take advange of the practical courses in anatomy offered on F Street.

School Baseball, Manager, ; C. Club; Columbian Debating Society. Gifled with the tongue of an orator, the physique of an athlete, and the personality of a genuine Southern gentlemen. Jimmie during his slay at G. Pres is the blonde brute from Kentucky, a musician and entertainer of the first rank.

He is the man who revived the Glee Club this year and is responsible for the excellent joint concert with the Co- lumbia University Glee Club- During his three years at Columbian College he Sluts from Alexandria pa endeared himself to all who know Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho.

We are not to lose him just yet, for be- sides being a Senior in Columbian College he is a Freshman Medic. If when he gels his M. Bob is the fellow who thinks he knows women. Can- not help being handsome, neither can he keep the ladies from wanting to know him — by notes or otherwise. How- ever, there is one thing he can help, and that is not to give said ladies any encouragement. At any rate, we feel that when Bob came to G.

As an authority of equally stellar brilliance on the subjects of Ethnology and the Movies, she is with- out par, and it is with regret that we see her leave the U. So in this capacity his many friends wish Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho 3some in Portland luck. His good- natured smile will be long remembered, even after he gets his sheepskin.

In spite of the fact that Jo has given most of her day to the government, she is always to be found in the eve- ning classes of the University. By being able lo enter Columbian College on a Uni- versity scholarship inhe received a good start. At the end of his first year, he transferred to the College of Engineering, where he was a student until entering the Coast Artillery School at Fortress Monroe, Va.

Ethel is one of those people who somehow seem to crave variety, and those who have been with her all four years at George Washington know that she has had it. At present her chief interest is centered in tennis, but her time is divided between it and her D. Has that earnestness of purpose and conduct which will make a success in the medical world.

Francis is one of those rare articles — a real Virginian. His chief characteristic is that he always has a good word to say for every one, but never tells a thing about himself. He intends to follow literary paths. Evelyn is never lo be seen without a suit-case, and even though she is not from a moonshming district, her appearance always arouses much interesl among the loungers in front of Lisner Hall.

Eleanor comes lo us from Lake Erie College, and now thal she is here, we wonder how we ever go along with- out her. We always know thal when certain munching sounds come from he rear of ihe Library that Eleanor is there, and lhat her friends are being well entertained, or at least well refreshed.

We will always continue to wonder how she evades the cops, and yet Lizzie lives on uninjured. You know them — the Latlman twins, the two Socialists who are so much concerned for fear iheir affiliations will be considered Bolsheviki. If you wish to know the fine distinctions of ihe two not twins but parties just ap- peal to either of the brothers- In reference to iheir studying Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho, the twins say, with one accord, that they'll probably be surgeons and so finish iheir patients with knives, if not with drugs.

In fact no class is complete with one and not the other. They admit they like all the girls at G. We know, too, that we shall not watch in vain, for who would ask for a better com- bination than a little common sense and good judgment spiced with just the right amount of ambition?

Lewton began his college career at Drexel Insti- tute, and before coming to G. He admits that a rolling stone may gather no moss, but insists that it takes on a Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho hne polish. Lindow's greatest ambition is to be of real value to the Literary World. EL and now that her hopes are realized, she saunters Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho with her sheepskin lucked proudly under her arm.

The best wishes of the class and the University Meet women for sex posts Newport News Virginia with her. The former loved them all, while the latter never has eyes for any — bul — when he does fall— Oh!

Never- theless, any one in the future who graces Wardman Park will surely find Clara in evidence. Margaret is a malh and science shark, and you would know it just to look at her, for she, somehow, has that learned look.

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Men have no appeal for her, except at a distance, and the greater the distance the better. She has shown much interest throughout her university ca- reer, wanhing is shown by her list of activities. A lawyer and a chemist! But Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho good lawyer must know many things besides law, and Nelson belongs in that class. How well he has gotten away with it at G.

While she appears rather quiet, we all know that when anything needs doing she is the one to find. And we are glad that he did. Has made num- berless friends during his one year jn us by his genial disposition and his happy smile. After getting his LL. B, from Georgetown in! In addition to being a good student he assists the Slate Department in functioning during daylight hours.

Ex- pects to be an Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipo- tentiary some day. Marie brings with her a dash of Western breeziness. If you have ever heard her tell of her Tennfssee upon arriving in Washington, you will know that nothing but an abundance of real pep would have brought her out a conquering heroine.

We fear that the call of the wild will be too great to keep her here after graduation. Never was she found wanting, when it came to a display of information on anything from the "Bionomial Theory" to the "Song of the Shirt. Rah stuff he signed up al G. He completed his usual year at college and because of his flightiness joined the U.

Naval Reserve Flying Corps, successfully Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho that job tillthen reenlisting at G. A cornucopia of golden good nature, and silver seriousness when necessary.

With "wimmin" he bears well the Scottish appellation of William "the Lion. Tfnnessee has given sec services in translating to the Bolivian. Her gifl in writing will not be forgotten by those who have read her poems. With all this, Ruth was grznny to be on time at class only once— and then the professor did not show up. She is a consistent svorker at every- thing she undertakes. Surely a position of responsibility and honor must await Ranck somewhere. In addition womdn keeping up a law practice, reporting supreme court decisions and contributing to a number of publications, Opder wastes the other two-thirds of his time around the Press Club.

This is not counting knocking out enough credits to complete his work for an A. How well he has succeeded, the sights around the campus with not Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho than three on each arm will speak for themselves. Law School last year. Mobile sex date Emporium Pennsylvania friends all feel gtanny the top of the ladder will never be too high for him.

George t ame lo us in our Junior year, another valuable addition ggranny another college. By his hard work has earned a crown of glory, etc. A genial, good fellow. To like him you have but lo know him. Never have we known any one with more enthusiasm than Margaret has exhibited. She is one of those un- usual people who can talk on indefinitely without even an apparent stop for breath. Her zeal to make class affairs a success was shown by her inlerest in Junior Week, and this is not lost woemn of in her last year, of which her organizing ability is proof.

After knocking them cold at the University of Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho for three years, Bail lie came to us in his Senior year and has divided his time between athletics and Housewives seeking sex tonight Indian Mound Tennessee co- swx.

Is a good, all-round fellow, even if his knowledge of the fundamentals of "Poly Sigh" is lacking at times. Marjorie awnting one girl in a thousand, one who dares to aspire lo become an M, D.

AJlhough this appears startling at the first glance, still she is by no means an advocate of all work and no play. Kitty is an Olddr and a strong one on almost any question. For instance, if you feel in need of any infor- mation regarding the Philippines just refer to her.

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Ethel Marie came to George Washington from Beaver College, where she was as well liked as she is here. Her work, too, has been a source of gratification to both instructors and friends for who does not enjoy having learned friends so that one may bask in the light of their superior erudition. Imbued with a desire to get an education he came to George Washington, where it may be truthfully said that he has realized that am- bition. His manners have been the delight of all who have had the pleasure of observing them, and many are those at- tempting to follow in his footsteps.

He came to G. Oh, Woman 1 Woman! Managed the first football team since the resurrection and got away with it. A wearer of the G.

She received her Gdanny. Rainier because the cars were so slow. The height of his ambition being considerably above that of his wavy locks, he professes the intention of ad voiding politics and Government Departments. John leaves this year with a degree in Electrical Engineering and intends to enter the Law School for a course in Patent Law. He is specializing in Radio Engineering, and has been a hard worker ever since he entered George Washington. He receives a degree in chemistry and intends to spend a year or so in Europe to perfect himself in the science.

He is an energetic worker and is Saulsury by every one. John leaves us this year with a degree in Chemistry, but intends to enter the Law School next year, so we shall not lose him altogether. He has Tenessee cheerful word for every one, and is liked by all his classmates.

We are glad grann say that Frank will be with us this year, despite his unfortunate accident at the Research Laboratory. He is a member of the corps of chemists engaged in research work with explosive on Naughty wives want sex tonight Casper Wyoming Street, and has done splendid work throughout his whole col- Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho course.

He knows all Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho B. His accomplishments are so numerous that space will not peimit of our discussing them here, so it Lonely women looking real sex Tavernier needs suffice to say that we are proud he is graduating from G.

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Riley came to use from the Pharmacy School and has made good Looki ng for hot pussy to eat chemistry, receiving his degree this June. He is always pleasant and sociable, and leaves many friends in the Department of Arts and Sciences. We are sorry 1o lose him.

We predict a promising future and wish him the best of luck. We have enjoyed his slay with us and wish him success in his future work. Harry has been active ever since he enlered the Uni- versity inand is to be complimented upon the number of university activities that he has supported.

Such spirit is sure to win T and men of this caliber are sure to fight their way to the top of the ladder of suc- cess. When Harry leaves us, we have lost one of Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho most earnest workers. His friends who are left behind are truly sorry to lose his companionship, but they, nevertheless, wish him all the success in the world.

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He is a quiet man of pleasing personality, and is liked and admired by all who know him. As class President he has proved himself to be an executive of unusual ability. Louis joined our ranks inand leaves us this year with a B. Dur ng his attendance here he has won for himself the high esteem of Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho members of the faculty and all his fellow- students.

He carries with him our sincerest wishes for success. Hats off to the molher. Home, school, and college fail to pin our Beatrice down, for rise she will to new' worlds to conquer with Ladies wants sex ME North waterboro 4061 smile.

We all wish her well. She can make up her mind to graduate just about any time she wants to. U- C Margaret came to do her bit, and being so capable she remained on sorting mail for Uncle Sam. Gallaudet claims her time, but she always pries loose long enough to lighten the load and cheer some one on his way.

Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho

Little deeds of kindness make her friend in- deed, and may we all be as generously minded as she. She is good in her studies, atten- tive in class, and always ready to help one wsnting every pos- siblc way. May she ever be remembered. Harriet, with her smiling face, is one of the prizes of our class.

Her happy disposition has gone a long way toward making our road to knowledge seem less rouph and thorny. W, We confidently expect that very shortly after her graduation the whole universe will he startled by her contributions to the field of pedagogy and so we wish for her every possible suc- cess. Cupid and the Capital City lured curly-haired Merle from the cornfields of Illinois. Although she trans- ferred in her Junior tree to G.

She came, she Casual Dating Woodville Virginia 22749, she con- quered. We regret his loss, for it does frew good to have him around. Billy s life at G. The climax was eanting when shortly before Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho Junior Prom, 20, Billy and Harry took a little trip, keeping the pur- pose dark until this year.

If her work at A. The best she demands from all Edmonston included. Success will always camp on her trail and her class- mates wish her well. All together she has made her mark in the university for her efficiency, both among professors and students. Her bobbies arc Fords, cats, and a generous supply of nicknames for her Sexy blk man looking for indian adult hookups fun. Humorous, full of friendly interest, a whole-hearted nature, and with a fine sense of duty and loyally — these make one glad lo call her friend.

A girl of many talents and a perfect jewel of usefulness. Her mischievous ways soon made her victims dub her Billy. We predict Sexy women want nsa Lahaina she will always brighten the corner wherever she may be. Book knowledge comes easy to her but traction schedules and break-downs cause even the optomistic Bess to groan. Old Virginny has another daughter to be proud of for punctuality, scholarship, and good- fellowship — the outstanding characteristics of our Vir- ginia lass.

The call to arms brought to G. In February, though, she stole a march on us. Best wishes al- ways. No college is complete without its widow, and Cather- ine has equally lived up to that reputation. She has done every fraternity m the University except one no name mentionedwhereas no prom or hop is complete without her. We feel sorry for the Freshmen next fall, but perhaps there will be others lo take her plate.

He came Adult private sex Warwick us from Long Eland, and expects to practice in New York. As Virginia free cancun sex finished product, G. We are all confident of his success. Alfredo is a good student and a thoroughly likeable fellow'.

He is ever the first to congratulate an asso- ciate on a success and likewise the first to sympathize with him in sorrow or misfortune. Further, he is courtesy itself. Herman is also a product of sunny Costa Rica, brought hence by the fame of G.

Everybody likes Her- man, for he is handsome, congenial and a real student. We know that Dr. Castro's patients will all be charmed by that winning smile and those sparkling eyes. He hopes to be a Psychiatrist some day, and we predict for him a wonderful future. Aside from his school work he has had the responsibility of directing the interests of a chain of lunch rooms.

He is a success as a business man, and we believe his persistence will procure deserved success in his chosen profession. Any- way, if being concerned over the successes of life will bring success, Dunsky will surely be successful. He could throw Burt into laughter at a funeral. And as a student — if the text-books say anything about it or any one has lectured on it.

Against such enemies as a financial low Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho, a new Language, vocal impediments, and scholastic disappointments he has emerged victorious. Junior Class, ; Masonic Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho, He is a con- scientious worker, a successful suitor ycpl he's en- gaged lo her! He might be an advertisement for Ar- row- Collars, but he isn't— he is a real man and a stu- dent. Also he is a real sleuth of heart murmurs — when they are presystolic as well as systolic.

He is really a worker, student, and a true friend of matchless worth. As a politician he is a gem of the purest ray serene. The only thing we know against Ray is that he is suspected of Local fuck friends in Quicksburg Virginia the man who voted for Cox in the last election.

Lawson s questions right off — pouf! Right the first time. A good student, a dependable interne, a good fellow, and accurate even to the smallest detail in a story. And he can play the piano, and does. Even "we" know that at present writing little Theo- dore Reed Hopkins has two incisors and another show- ing through, etc.

She raises us thus above dull mediocrity. Japan couple adult sex average is Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho high, both here and with the Maryland State Board, that it gets dizzy. She is easy to look at and so restful to the eye that we had hoped she would be an ophthalmologist, but has chosen gynecology. She is a very wonderful person, and it has been a privilege to know her.

Pic speaks of Australia, even, as one who knows whereof he speaks. Marcbena answers up well in class and gives a general impression of being remarkably well posted. A hard worker and an eager student — he is lower of strength to his associates in those feverish, hurried last-minute reviews which precede and examination or a quiz that is awfully important. He can always think of ihe things the others have missed and he always knows he answer lo his own and the professor's ques- tions.

V, — and a prince of a Ladies wants nsa CT Northford 6472. His favorite pastime is adding the lectures of a minor course to his "repertoire.

He is tempermental to his finger-tips. At times his ethereal environment makes it a little difficult for him to locate the aorta or to remember what cancellous bone is, but on the whole he does creditable work.

Since coming among us he is a changed and improved man. He is good enough to tell us so. He is quietly secure in appearance and scholarship, and has that understanding, sympathetic nature, something about him that one associates some- how with a physician and the medical atmosphere.

His great difficulty is getting to his clinics on time, but when ex- amination time rolls around his ability to absorb a tre- mendous lot of wisdom is the striking thing about him. As Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho athlete, Joe is probably unparalleled in the class, and that means in the Medical School. Ben is the youngest member of the class, but he is also one of the most gifted physically and menially.

Under the stimulus of misfortune and bereavement the very best in Slutsky as to character and seriousness of purpose have come to the fore in a manner not to be denied.

He has the keen mental acuity of his race and a subtle humor which should make him a power in any community in which he elects to practice. Artist of no mean ability his work has contributed to the success of year books in each uni- versity he has attended Gentleman and high-grade student. He is a hard worker, a fine student, and has a couple of years of faithful service as an interne at Sibly Hospital to his credit, Surgery Is his forte, and his admirers believe that some day he will be great in this, his chosen specially.

He is quietly efficient, a good interne, and an ever-present help m lime of need. His soft, Southern accent and the cigar which seems to be an integral part of alt North Carolinians are well known to those about G, W, U. Class position — The optimist. Favorite food — ' Onions. Witty to talk with. And pleasant to think about. Class position — The vamp. Class position — The peacemaker. Class position — The Sphinx. Class position — The originator. Known as — Dinly. Class position — The toe dancer.

Favorite fairy story — Jack and the Bean Stalk. Class position — Dispenser of sarcasm. Favorite bird — Wren. Class position — User of choice slang. He has done literary work, his favorite theme Sex dating in Harrisonburg "The Ideal Woman. Such versatility insures him success in the field of diplomacy.

Hattie s present plan is to remain at work in the government, where her legal knowledge will surely increase her value to her Uncle Sam. While otherwise, she is quite a sensible person. Years ago he attended Washington and Lee. Charlie has been a school teacher, statistician, and now acts as an assistant solicitor m the Stale Department. Brown University ; AM. Then he found his real vo- cation and came to C.

Ms 0 ii efe. Blehr was born in Chicago, of Scandinavian parents, a quarter of a century ago. Francis attended the vil- lage school and a business college at St.

He then had some more business college out in Pueblo, Colorado, lopped Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho a brief period in the Infantry dur- ing the war. His present plan is to leave for Minne- sota very shortly, where his law offices will be located. He thinks nature endowed only one of the sexes with a thinking apparatus and pities the poor girls who are going out into the cruel world looking for a client.

Howard is a star debater and participated in the intercollegiates in before he went to war. Brunenkant surprised his fellow-students by an- nouncing his marriage when he returned from his Christmas vacation.

He began his law studies in his home state and has not been with us long, but we all wish him the Housewives looking real sex East bethel Minnesota 55092 of luck when he returns to the place of the ideal climate and starts his professional career. When it comes to work. Cam is right there, too.

He has been prominent in student activities, breaking into the political limelight in his Freshman year in connection with the Freshman Prom. As a member and as President of the Student Council, Cam has shown an ability to think constructively, and to put sound plans into successful operation that bids fair to make him a success in the practice of the law.

While Harry was attending the University of Wis- consin the war broke out and he enlisted in the Navyi receiving a commission as ensign. On his return he entered the Law School and has been breaking hearts Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho Washington ever since, in conjunction with his studies. He expects to practice in Chicago, hut we ihink that when he leaves he will take a little golden- haired "war-worker" back with him and settle down.

Alfred migrated to Philadelphia, "Sleepy Village. He plans Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho take his LL. A Democrat has to talk to himself in Washington these days. He cannot fall short of a bright and shining mark in the world of law. Pearl is an orphan, over eighteen and still single, but willing to listen to reason.

Noth- ing ruffles the serenity of her monotonous existence but a grammatical error, whether on the part of the stu- dent or prof.

Pearl attended the Debating Society and other clubs until she undertook a course in Con- flict of Laws. Although she has lived on several con- tinents, being chronically dissident.

Pearl insists that she has no domicile. Cliff hails from the wilds of Chattanooga. But, nevertheless, that does not detract so much from his charming personality that I eat pussy Myrtle Beach sex can be held against him.

As is natural with Southerners, Cliffs weakness is ladies, and what pleases him better is more ladies- Aside from his accomplishments socially, he has not overlooked scholastic honors, having taken and passed his bar examination a year before he finished Law School. He left us in February with an LL. Newell at present is active in obtaining subscriptions for a prospective Law Quarterly, but there Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho a legal question as to whether we can subscribe to something which does not yet exist.

However, with this modest young man s interest and ability, the project is bound lo materialize. Our best wishes go to both the pub- lication and its propounder. The Old Folks al Home" will be proud of Glennie. We know she will pull the male vole out in the Hoosier Stales in ihe fulure as she has done at our class elections here.

And as for his line — well it should go a long way toward assuring him a clientele in his rhosen profession. Filz is one of our singers. But that is not all. University of Nebraska; President of Masonic Club. He spends his days at the Treasury — for the present, though already admitted to the Bar Naked ladies fucking in Prairie Home this District.

She will soon be able to relieve him.

Pecan plantations are her specialty. Harry, like all embryonic lawyers, intends lo prac- tice corporation law. He has had charge of the poker games at TTennessee War Risk while pursuing his studies, but will go to Chicago after graduation to join a law firm there. Harry has the kind of Looking for 420 or other wife that the girls at the Law School admire. Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho is a quiet, serious-minded chap, but a regular fellow with all.

He spent his college days in California, having attended both Stanford and the Uni- versity of California. This attorney received his degree Free pussy Lac-Etchemin, Quebec LL. Do you see the likeness? C," is just brushing up a little while here as Secretary to Congressman Rufus Hardy. His political tendencies were evident from the slart. His object is economy. Never seen alone on a Sunday evening.

He attended the University of Maine pr: Everett Guy says he longs to be back home where they have apple pie for breakfast and know how to make real doughnuts — where the beans are baked all night and not anaemic when served! We think he will take his LL. This tall, handsome, blond young Free sex chatrooms have a seat on me is exceedingly reserved.

In fact, after one of the Law School re- porters had spent an entire evening of busy life in his company for the sole? Such reticence is really auspicious. The records in the War Department disclose the fact that our modest hero was a Housewives looking nsa Bedford in the Air Service, having enlisted in November, Was made president of his class because there was no higher honor his classmates could award him.

Being possessed of winning manners, a genial smile, and a strong per- sonality. Bids fair to down his future opponents in the courts as squarely as he has beaten them on the gridiron this year. Jim was bom in California, but the real estate agents, climate boosters, and Home-product enthusiasts Have forgiven Him.

He came east at an early age as far as Denverwhere be attended the University of Colo- rado for two years. In Colorado Tennsesee local option, so Jim returned to the wine-grape section. When the wineries closed, the atmosphere became too de- pressing and Jim left for Washington. He is an insurance expert, and we feel safe in predicting that there will be an insurance department somewhere in his law office.

Whenever the Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho, asks if there are Oak-NE woman seeking couple questions, Samuel is always accommodating. We all wish him well. His favorile game Olded a divorce case, although he is a crack football player, too. He be- longed to the football and baseball squads Saulsburj As a trial lawyer, he Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho a most eloquent orator, and his gestures outdo those of Billy Sunday.

His law studies at Oklahoma Uni- versity were interrupted by certain foreign disturbances, and after risking his life trying to adjust them, he took the risk of finishing his course at G. He is always quiet and courteous, and never known to be "unprepared.

We all wish for him a crown jewelled with success. Walter persists in wearing a wide and wooly West- ern hat. Perhaps they are "ale the rage" out in South Dakota, but here is Washington. When Walter is elected to Congress; we are quite confident he will be fully equipped as to headgear, Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho internal and ex- ternal.

We predict for Western Walter all of the good things which attend the successful practitioner. Born on the banks of the Potomac, he also plied a canoe on its Tenessee every summer, so who could be in a better position to argue as to whether it is navigable and comes within the meaning of Ieaho term "high seas?

We prophecy lhat his legal briefs will be anything but what their name would imply. Like all embryo lawyers, he plans to specialize in Ongoing discrete adult sluts Tampa affair law. He is a sensible and settled married man. Since this photo- graph was taken, the warm weather arrived and Ollie 's mustache has been removed. May his "gift o' gab" make him famous.

Ldith is a Cuban by birth, but refers to the Hot wives wants sex tonight Grand Junction ing places indiscriminately as ,4 home"i Kentucky.

Missouri, Illinois, Texas, and D. C, That's because she hasn't studied Conflict of Laws, Query, where is her domicile? This romantic attorney has kept us all working overtime keeping up with latest Idahl, Mrs, Buck, the first; Miss Marshall, Tennesee second t and Mrs- Archey, the third. While still in his impressionable years he went away to the Universiiy of Iowa, one of the finest agricultural schools in the West, to study law, but having spent two odd years overseas, he came back to the Slates a man of experience and judgment, and forthwith enrolled in the Law- School of G.

Tom says little, thinks much, and generally smiles.

One of these days we ex- pect to see him acting that way on the bench. Upon finishing High School, Jesse entered an attorney's office, where he studied law for two years- This is the secret of his precocity at class. While awaiting the result of his Bar exam. Miller will continue his present work? Inwhile attending Dickinson College, he played on the Varsity football team. Morford will leave K Street with the good wishes of all.

Incidentally, friend Jack has a big son. He the father, not the son is now practicing law. Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho fought the battle of Paris and others, too. Fred has studied at TTennessee and Yale and other places, but says there is none like G.

Attorney Oliver received his A. By this time he is hard at work in the profession down in Texas, we presume. Francis has been an active club woman while at school and seems to have Iddaho time for a little study, too. She participated in the Online adult dating websites free on line collegiate debating last year; in fact, was the only woman on our team. But no debating this year for Oder.

She studied Conflict of Laws instead. He was born there and still commutes. After spending some lime and energy, we hope at the Uni- versity of Virginia, he came to G, W. Then he relumed to the University Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho Virginia to com- Idahi his study of the law.

Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho it looks as though we won. That does nol change his Jeffersonian views in the slightest. F reda is the baby of the Senior Class-— not old enough to be permitted to pass the Bar, but surely equipped Grenville SD housewives personals sufficient Oldsr.

She longs for ro- mance, and is particularly susceptible to army uniforms. So al this kn it is difficult to predict whether her future will be sweet domeslicily or a public career. Introducing our friend "Sammie. But does he need an introduction? All the girls tell fee that he can trip the light fantastic toe to perfection, but we have lea ned from reliable sources that that is not the only thing that makes him such an attraction among the fairer sex. This does Porn made in Orlando Florida wa keep him from studying, however, or possibly he does not need to study.

At any rate we have sometimes harbored the hope that we might do Tennessee well. Here is a young man who helps lake the joy out of our lives by enforcing prohibition all day. Vic attended Idah University of Kansas before his so- journ in Washington. We know his winning smile will see him safely through.

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Though friend Saulsbury evidently spent some little time in making frer his mind to study law, when he finally decided, he made the grade, and received his LL. He had visited his home state last summer, and while there was admitted to the bar. Saulsbury is already practicing in Wilm- ington — the first member of the class to hang out a sign — and has the good wishes of all those Monday car date left behind.

Even though born up at Scranton. Anthony pre- ferred the personal touch and came to Washington to study.

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Anthony has been also a business man and a sol- dier. Look the picture over carefully, gills. He is still single.

We congratulate him on gelling there at last. He leaves with the heartiest good wishes of his fellow students. He is leader of the G. He served overseas for two years. Etta Louise has shown the G, W. She Olde been our un- rivaled social Leader — always glad to open the doors of her home for the entertainment of the "Hall Room"' Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho and girls and make them forget their homesick' ness.

Etta has broken a! He came all the way from the University of Wisconsin to at- tend G. Gene came here from the University of Illinois inand now Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho is getting his second degree wantinf George Washington. His genial disposition has won him a host of friends, and those who have Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho him have a sincere respect for his ability and skill.

On his graduation the University will lose one of its hard- est and most diligent workers, and his absence from the councils of those who do things will mean the loss of one with keen insight, sound judgment, and the courage of his convictions. We have with us tonight, ladies and gentlemen, the legal shark of G. John David is the most tenacious student the Law School has ever known, according to all the evidence which can be brought wantingg light. When a prize contest is announced, there is never any suspense.

We all know the prize is gone before it is offered. He is married, too, but evidently wifie is trained not to interrupt his deep thought and study. Emma is our honor student among the women lawyers and passed the District of Columbia Bar examination with flying colors in the spring. She will not return to the farm, but expects to granyn in Milwaukee. V oung is a most conventional and dignified young man. He is an exponent of Cornell, and has well lived up to that reputation.

Last year he received his LL. B, and this year he Single horny seeking wife looking for sex taken his Master's.

Bar and became admitted to practice before the U. Allhough still a very young man. He has taken some Tennsesee graduate work with us, and receives his LL.

He drew a married lady for a moot court part- ner, but being married himself, he knew his cards and allowed her to win all their arguments. He says that one has strange feelings when sealed in a classroom, under the keen eye of the Prof. This year, as Secretary of the Law School and as a candidate for the degree of Master of Laws, he was afforded a dou- ble range of endeavor — advancement of the University, and advancement in it. It supervises all student finances, having the power to allot the funds of the voluntary tax.

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It also has the power to con- firm, revise, or revoke any action of the Student Council. All members hold office for one year. Meet- ings are held once a month at the call of the Chairman. The work of the Board for the past year has been very wantign.

Through it, the University was represented by a football team, as well as basket-ball, track, baseball, tennis, rifle, and swimming teams, which is a long stride toward placing our institution where it rightfully belongs. The inauguration of the Board of Managers of Student Activities has been a successful undertaking and it is likely to be continued as an effec- tive organization for the making of a greater George Washington University, 19 5.

It has wwomen over all Freshman activities until that class is able to Alabama swingers chat. Swinging. its own affairs. The power to appoint two representatives to the Board of Managers of Student Activities is also vested in this organization.

During the past year the Student Council carried on a successful voluntary student tax campaign, and the revenue derived therefrom rendered possible the placing of a team on the gridiron, as well as the enhancement of all other University activities.

The members of the Council are elected by popular vote in the various Kinky sex date in Moon VA. Swingers, kinkycouples sex. of the University, Each college is entitled to a certain number of representatives, the total from each not exceeding three. For the past year Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho College and the Law School had three representatives; the Medical and Engineering Colleges had two; while the Teachers', Pharmacy, and Graduate Schools were each represented by one.

In addi- tion there are five members at large who are appointed by the Board of Managers on Student Activities, and ex-officio members consisting of editors and business managers of the University publications and managers of athletic teams. The ex-officio members have all powers of active members except that of voting.

I he officers of the Student Council are President, Vice-President, and Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho Treasurer, who are elected from the active members by vole of the body. The past year in the history of the Student Council has been a gratifying one, but its aims for next year are for a greater George Washington University in Horny Goshen women line of activities.

It was conceived inand is assured of the same success and approval that it has met in the past. They developed, under the numerous handicaps, a team which made an excellent showing with the most pretentious schedule ever listed by a South Atlantic squad. Several stars were developed, the old fighting football Pep was revived, and the University looks forward to great victories in the future.

Western Maryland furnished the opening game at Potomac Park, October 12th. I he visitors scored with a forward pass in the first few minutes, but lost their lead soon after, when John Loehler recovered a punt blocked behind their goal line, making a tie Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho of wkmen to 7, which neither team succeeded in breaking during the remainder of the game.

On the following Saturday, Delaware College, with one of the strongest teams she has ever had, succeeded in winning by a score of 14 Ifaho 7. The game was hard fought, evenly matched throughout, the visitors doubling the score by a long pass during the last few minutes of the fourth quarter. On October 16th, the Buff and Blue Eleven journeyed to Morgantown, and were defeated by West Virginia by a score of 81 to 0, Although outweighed twenty pounds to the man, the Squad put up a plucky fight against a Saulwbury conceded as Salsbury of the strong- est in the East, and at one time advanced dangerously near the goal in four successive first downs, G.

Loehler, Preece, Vidmer, Sandvs. Bethany played one of the fastest games ever witnessed on a Wash- ington gridiron, and G.

West Virginia Wesleyan defeated G. Wabting weakened by not having regular backfield men and tired by a I 3-hour ride, none of the G. John Loehler scored by a spectacular sprint of 53 yards.

Fordham won from G. The home team was favored with all the breaks of the game and received Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho by poor officiating.

Squad, travel worn and disheartened, played a good game, and again went down fiehting. Early in womeb game C. During the next two quarters an evenly-matched struggle was staged in mid- field. Near the end of the fourth G.

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When it comes to punting and passing John is right there, although regularly playing at right end he was often called into the bark field to make long successful forward passes, and when the hall ap- proached dangerously near the enemy goal, his toe would send it far back into their territory.

He is also skillful m receiving and intercepting passes and making long spectacular gains. He is a Freshman, so will be a valuable man in future years. He had a habit of passing the ball skillfully to the right man at the right time, much to the bewilderment of opposing squads, and often carried the ball for long f ains through the enemy s center.

He is a Housewives seeking casual sex Lowden Washington of Washington, and played several years with the crack squad at St, Albans School.

He will be with us again next season. Spilling all who came near him and letting few pass his side of the line, he was ever a menace to the enemy s offensive plays. When on the offensive he practiced hilling the other men fust, and then going through them, making a hole large enough for the entire backfield to pass.

Holding the position of left tackle, he proved a hard fighter, never failed to get his man. He was also successful in receiving and intercepting forward passes. He will be one of our best men next season. Knut held his ground at right guard like a stone wall, and the backfield felt secure from any attack from that point W'hen he was in the line. Being only eighteen years of age and having already reached the six-foot-two stage and weighs a hundred and ninety Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho, he is sure to be a great help Naughty wives looking real sex Brownwood Older women in Saulsbury Tennessee wanting sex granny free date Idaho eleven next fall.

Captain and Captain-elect Waterbury men seeking women classifieds slist -Height, 5 ft. I farry successfully held down the position of right tackle.

As Captain this season he demonstrated his skill as a leader, and was unanimously elected to pilot the Buff and Blue again next year. He was ever alert and often gained advantage for the team by a hit of brilliant headwork. Paul played a great game at center. He handled the hall skilfully, and his judgment and careful- ness in passing it made fumbles almost unknown to the G.

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