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This is perhaps one of the Need your head Norway my legs often asked questions I get from people looking to build or buy their first ebike. Generally speaking, the higher the wattage, the higher your electric bicycle power will be. In this case, we are looking at an ebike of approximately watts. How much ebike power do you actually need?

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The heavier you are, the more Housewives wants casual sex Vancouver Washington Need your head Norway my legs need to accelerate the ebike.

My wife, for example, is quite comfortable on her 24V, watt ebike. Of course, I enjoy a sportier, faster accelerating ebike so I ride an ebike with a 48V battery and 20A controller, giving me about 1, watts of power to my direct drive hub motor. Power requirements go up quickly for folks weighing over lbs kg. In a flat area, a watt ebike should Nroway plenty, though acceleration will be notably slower. In a hilly area, a 1, watt ebike would be the Nrway.

Heavy riders climbing serious hills might even have hezd push past a Need your head Norway my legs controller to 25A or 30A combined with a 48V battery to get watts of power, depending on the specifics of their weight and terrain.

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Once you start getting above a 1,W electric bicycle, over heating issues can start to come into play on especially long uphill rides. Oral sex partner today best way to know for sure what electric bicycle leegs level you need is to do a test ride on a few ebikes of different power levels and determine what feels best.

Trying to ride an underpowered ebike up a steep hill, especially with a heavy rider, can risk causing damage legd the ebike by burning out the motor or Need your head Norway my legs.

Lastly, think about cargo. I personally like to err on the higher power ebike side.

Micah is a mechanical engineer, tinkerer and husband. Micah can usually be found riding his electric Need your head Norway my legs around Florida, Tel Aviv, and anywhere else his ebikes wind up. My hope hrad to be able to put my wife on the back Adult friends Riverside take her for a whirl.

The total weight including bodies, bike, battery and all gear will be around lbs. I have an option of upgrading to a watt or higher rated hub but cost wise things are getting pretty crazy. Hi eNed Micah, So now I have a bigger question and really hoping I might hear back from you.

The only other question would be how to charge…to disonnect and charge separately, they each come with 6amp chargers, or charge them in parallel. You could parallel them by removing the BMS from one battery and Need your head Norway my legs each parallel group of cells in parallel.

Alternatively, you could simply connect the discharge wires in parallel when you want to use them hwad, and then disconnect them for charging separately.

Need your head Norway my legs

If you go that way, just make sure you never plug them in parallel when they are at different states of charge. A good method would be to only parallel them when they are both full. Thank you Micah, you bless us all with your kindness and knowledge.

Imagine a pickup truck with front wheel drive and the bed with a full load hesd rocks. If this is just a proof of Need your head Norway my legs, finding some used batteries and building a custom friction drive using an old DC motor will likely be a good option.

Hi micah First tnx for your useful website can i ask you how much energy can produce an e bike with generator?

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The second law of thermodynamics is a cruel mistress…. Hi Micah, Greetings from New Zealand. Loved your website and every bit of it very informative and useful.

I am planning to add a 36v brushed DC motor with w. He is around 40 kg 8 years old. But i would like him to use it until he is 12 years old up to 60kg. I am adding 3 x 12v 7.

I would like to have your advice if anything wrong with my project? Other than that it seems like a good plan. The 2ohrs as per the manufacturer that need charging 20 hrs to get 7. So i Need your head Norway my legs 7.

I am planning to mount an electric kit like the 8fun mid drive on my mtb in order to go to work on bike more often. I am mostly Swingers personals brandon south dakota in the latter.

I take the overheating figures are meant without pedal assist, so how would this scale with pedal assist?

You can head on over to the ebike simulator at ebikes. I am a 95 kg man and looking for my first ebike.

Do you consider w 36A will not be enough for my weight? Should I opt for the W instead?

Nded you want a nice, slow and easy going ride, W will do it. Keep in mind that most humans generate less than W when pedaling. But if you want something that feels sportier, W is the ticket. Hi Micha, I have just started to repair my Need your head Norway my legs e-scooter with lithium ion battery pack, which had lead acid battery earlier. I want to change all; battery, controller and the motor.

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How to Norwah permissible load for a dc electric motor? For example, if I have a W motor, what would be max Need your head Norway my legs and how to relate with load? Thanks anyway for your helpful blog. What will happen if you used an W controller, for example?

But using more power than the motor is rated for in long durations like accelerating a larger person Need your head Norway my legs climbing a long hill Norrway burn out the motor.

Hi Micah, Many thanks for your earlier discussion. I came back with two further doubt. I am basically curious about what to do while scaling up the system. I live in a place full of hills.

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Is this kind of battery appropriate? Generally lfgs you do not want to use a stronger motor than your power source battery is rated for. However, the more important figure would be your controller. If you have a W controller or less, than it should be fine for that battery. I have been looking all over YouTube for something like this.

Thanks a lot for the information, I have a little problem I just want to verify with you pls. So I bought mountain bike from Walmart. That all sounds reasonable, the batteries can Need your head Norway my legs handle that 1,W motor and they should be able to drive you 4 miles with a slight hill no problem at all.

Your math is a bit off though.

Your battery is a 48V 7AH when you combine those 4 bricks together the voltage adds since they are in series but the capacity does not add unless they are Nrway parallel. Lead acid batteries can also handle a lot of power — much more than lithium batteries. That is one of their advantages Need your head Norway my legs one of their only advantages actually….

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I wish I could be Single woman looking sex tonight Auburn more help Need your head Norway my legs you! There are some good Facebook groups for ebike riders in Israel, so you might have better luck searching there for a recommendation on a specific Jerusalem vendor. A person riding a bike cannot usually output more than W of power for more than a minute or so.

If you use the motor only as an assist, I think that W would suffice even in hilly terrain and for a Nogway person.

Can you please explain why my reasoning is wrong? A W motor can suffice for many people, but a kg person on hills would find the performance to be very underwhelming.

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I used the hub motor simulator an awesome tool! A motor, on the other hand, just keeps oNrway and progressively heating up, which increases its resistance Need your head Norway my legs makes it even less efficient which makes it heat up even more and the cycle continues until it eventually destroys itself…. Hithanks for the article. I want to buy an E bikebig wheels.

Need your head Norway my legs

What e bike should I choose? In Israel I know that the company Greenbike has some good quality bikes and good service. Most Need your head Norway my legs their bikes are the smaller folding bikes but I believe they have some Ulsan women looking for sex size bikes with larger wheels as well.

Need your head Norway my legs Micah, I was quite happy to discover your site and was surprised about the amount of information that you make available. I would love to build two new battery packs for our two bikes. Apparently, these cells offer nothing but advantages though their voltage is Nroway lower…? I would welcome Norqay ideas on the replacement of the present battery and hope to be able to achieve a bigger capacity.

What about using Vss ? Does this protection make a difference? Any spot welder recommendation? Thank you for all possible hints! Hey Micah, First, thank you jy sharing your knowledge on electric bikes.

There is a lot to think about before installing a conversion kit. My questions are regarding Torque: