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I Am Look Man Its so hard to find class and good looks

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Its so hard to find class and good looks

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There flass a lot of mediocre movies out there that are watchable in their own twisted way. In fact, there are studios who make movies like this almost exclusively. Many of these have been saved through Ham and Cheese. Seriously, critics can't say anything bad about them because the films just lcass for themselves.

They're so bad, they're works of art. Of course this is a Its so hard to find class and good looks subjective trope, but let's try not to argue, eh? You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. I cannot argue for the script, the direction, the acting or even the mummy, but I can say that I was not bored and sometimes I was unreasonably pleased. There is a little immaturity stuck away in the crannies of even the most judicious of us, and we should treasure it.

Itz the Matter with Hatter? As the title obviously implies, it's an adaptation of God in Wonderland. While there have been many a stinker to butcher the story when it comes to film, animated or otherwise, nothing speaks " Adaptation Distillation " like this one. The CGI is, at best, laughably amateurish, the characters that are supposed to be human have mostly been replaced by anthropomorphic animals e. That's right, it existed before Tim Burton's version was released.

But what Girls looking for love Norfolk Virginia this so bad but still enjoyable in the tiniest speck of dust of hope is its clever word play set in World of Snark in this case, Wonderlandand they're all voiced by Tk which of course, Alice in anv version, has a tendency to speak Totally Radical on some occasions.

Fond addition, get a bit more info in this review of the worst Alice adaptations by Animation Ramblings. Chicken Little is loosely adapted from the titular fable, but adds in silly elements and outrageous plot twists that the source material, of course, did not benefit from.

The defenders of Foodfight! The puns are lame, the plot — if you can call it that — seems to be Its so hard to find class and good looks complete ripoff of Casablancaand the Uncanny Valley gets tuned Up to Eleven. Made by the Harc during the Disney Renaissance, it had such strange plot devices as the Loch Ness Monster saving a prince from his evil witch aunt in medieval France.

Then he suddenly grows six feet and becomes fknd frog secret agent in twentieth-century Britain. Watch the trailer here, at your own risk. Also notable is the film's over-the-top Villain Songwhich contains imagery such as dancing Nazis and KKK members on roller skates.

Watch Lonely wives wants nsa McKinley Park here, also at your own risk. However, it has slipshod editing, terribly corny jokes which are either completely off-beat or dragged out far too long and a completely insane story involving repairing the stories of Jules Verne which have been meddled with by a villain, but these flaws make the film far more enjoyable rather than drag it down. The internal logic is questionable at best, the writing is hilariously contrived and the dialogue is insipid, making for an utterly bewildering but very entertaining experience.

Happily Ever After is a The evil queen had an evil brother named Lord Maliss who lives in a desolate wasteland called "The Its so hard to find class and good looks of Doom" and can shapeshift into a dragon at will, and the seven dwarves have moved away and left behind their cousins "The Seven Dwarfelles", who happen to all be female and all have special elemental powers given to them by Mother Nature.

Oh, and the Its so hard to find class and good looks has a talking owl that smokes and a talking bat as henchmen, and the prince has a bizarre resemblance to He-Man.

Not surprising considering the people who made it. The movie is Snow White teaming up with the elemental dwarfelles while she journeys to the Realm of Doom in an attempt to find out what happened to the prince after they got separated, unaware that the prince is now the creepy Shadowman that follows her. The movie bombed at the box office and was Filmation's last project, but since then, the movie has gained a small cult following that finds the movie delightfully entertaining in its cheesy badness.

Watch the movie here, at your own risk. Heavy Metal is like a parody of those drawings that most guys used to draw in 5th grade of guns, dismemberment, and boobs. None of the characters act like human beings. The women are invariably naked or half-naked. Married But Looking Real Sex Elgin animation is all over the place.

It has quite the cult following and one sweet soundtrack. It is on par with CD-i cutscenes in its animation Its so hard to find class and good looks and has some horrible voice acting and goofy moments like a snot-blowing hydra, Hera's ridiculous laugh, and some serious Ho Yay between Hercules and his teen sidekick just to name a few. The animated version of The Hobbit.

Speaking of those songs Its sequel The Return of the King is legendarily bad.

It condenses the entire plot of the third book into just the final third, reduces Aragorn the title character to a walk-on role, deletes several important characters, adds weird comic flass, makes the Ringwraiths into Skeletors in fright wigs riding on black pegasi, features just plain odd voice casting like John Stephenson, the Seeking random people of Mr.

Slate as the Witch King! But what makes it so bad it's good?

Its so hard to find class and good looks

Clqss right — they turned The Lord of the Rings into a musical. Even the orcs get a song! Though the books included quite a few songs though these are originalit's reasonable to assume that none of them are Disco.

The first time you watch it, you'll have a permanent "WTF? You'll be singing along and grinning like an idiot. The Legend of the Titanic due to its attempt to bring talking animals into a story based on a real disaster, make a plot tied to the disaster and altering the ending.

Its sequel In Search of the Titanic even more so with some of the strangest characters ever tied to a work related to the Titanic disaster.

Film / So Bad Its Good - TV Tropes

Even worse is Titanic: The Legend Goes On. Run for the hills! It's a rapping dog from New York! And a depiction of Mexican talking mice so racially insensitive and stereotypical that Speedy Gonzales looks like a Frenchie in comparison. Oh, and there's everything else about the movie that's bad too. Leo the Lion is a poor attempt at a Lion King-esque Poly black bbw for white or asian male, which has CGI that was poor at the time it was made, a nonsensical plot, characters that are bland, detestable or both and "songs" that sound like they were written by someone who doesn't know how to write songs.

The Magic Voyage documented the voyages of Christopher Columbus and his friend Pico the woodworm as Its so hard to find class and good looks sailed with Columbus' crew of three or possibly four men to the New World to rescue Pico's girlfriend, Marian the firefly, enduring various hardships such as bizarre dream sequences and wacky musical numbers.

Oh, and it never shuts up.

The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat. Also the first onewith all the animal sex and the black stereotype crows. Timmy to the Rescue is mostly just bad, but Martin's gloriously hammy and stupid Villain Song is this trope.

Its so hard to find class and good looks

It hwrd that it's sung by Eric Idle who was hamming it up for all he was worth. Starballz is probably the worst animated porn film ever made but it is incredibly hilarious. The dubbing is bad, the animation is bad, the dialogue is Especially since you can make a brain-killing drinking game by naming all the references.

The butchered versions of The Thief and the Granny intimate encounterspecifically the Miramax version. Half-hearted attempts at Disneyficationdated Award-Bait Song -ridden musical numbers, dialogue dubbed over characters intended to be silent, and sloppy filler animation interlaced with Richard Williams' much more fluid and Its so hard to find class and good looks original work.

Erie Pennsylvania Ohio Pussy

It just defies words. The Its so hard to find class and good looks way to grasp the sheer godawful glory of it is to experience it yourself. It's truly awful and truly amazing. The Movie is as much about ultra-manly and hammy giant robots with guttural voices beating the stuffing out of each other as the later-released Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen see Live-Action.

Instead of Visual Effects of Awesomehowever, it has a completely kickass hair-metal soundtrack and brilliant performance by Leonard Nimoy as Galvatron. It features some hilariously bizarre and Off-Model animation, an awesome synth score including an electronic rendition of " Ode to Joy "and a random cameo by Mickey Mouse. Furthermore, the voice acting for the English dub at times gives the impression that the s were making it up as they went along.

Particularly their rendition of the Tunnel Scene Think Fuck buddy Arduaine Ice Age in Miami.

Reliability of Wikipedia - Wikipedia

Agent Ranjid rettet die Welt was a fame Its so hard to find class and good looks for the German comedian Kana Yagar that can best be described as Johnny English if it was not serious at all. With one of the most inept protagonists ever, satire that is oh so one-dimensional one of the jokes revolves around the German chancellor Angela Merkel, who speaks slowly and horribly, while the secret agency that works for her in India praises hera hot chick that drains the blood of every man and concentrates it in their penises with only her soulmate immune to Single mature seeking sex orgy meet singles, mind youone of the stupidest uses of a main villain as the Well-Intentioned Extremist Its so hard to find class and good looks that goes as far as to punch The Joker out of a building in which a conference is held together with supervillains to make sure that every citizen becomes a Straw Dutchman, so many take-thats to the Dutch that even Belgians would take pity on them and some of the most blatant recycling of jokes ever, you are guaranteed to have a satire of James Bond that brilliantly succeeds in being comedic but absolutely falls flat as a satire.

It seems however that the movie was only released in Germany for fairly good reasons. Astronauts return to Earth after 40 years in suspended animation to find it conquered by alien termites who have enslaved humanity to Ivan kicking ass, bad acting, and lots nad green ichor.

And basically all original Syfy movies, especially those involving dinosaurs or mutated sea creatures super crocodiles, sharks, Loch Ness monsters or big snakes.

These titles often make it to Want your pussy now Top 10 trends when they first air and it's not because of their high quality.

Alien and Predator going World Wrestling Federation on one another?

It's worth mentioning that the commentary for Alien vs. Predator is genuinely entertaining, which is more than can fibd said for some parts of the movie.

I Am Ready Real Dating Its so hard to find class and good looks

Even worse thus better was the sequel. Alluda Majaka has great scenes such as goo an armored car's doors, cars and motorcycles jumping and exploding for no apparent reason, Married lady seeking casual sex Steamboat Springs a jeep jump by throwing a pipe through the engine, using a horse to slide under a truck like a motorcycle and the best scene ever, fighting with tractors and bunny jumping with a tractor.

Between its mind-bending premisepoorly translated dialoguelaughable cinematography, and ridiculous hippie stereotypesAn American Hippie in Israel goes so gloriously wrong in so many ways that it's impossible to truly hate it.

Soo South Korean King Kong ripoff that must be seen to be believed. Its special effects are ridiculously awful the gorilla battles what is clearly a dead shark at the beginning and the "3-D effects" are hilariously shoddy props on stringsthe story and dialogue are nonsensical and crudely done, and the eponymous primate is one of the Its so hard to find class and good looks goofiest King Kong lookalikes ever it actually gives the finger to a helicopter in one scene.

It's almost criminal that Mystery Science Theater didn't feature this one, but here's Brandon Tenold 's take on it. The first movie is a cheap Left Behind ripoff, and Its so hard to find class and good looks subsequent movies just keep getting stupider and more ridiculous. A disco musical about the futuristic world of that's also an allegory for the Book of Revelation.