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Halifax at home looking to get fucked

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When do you feel the most attractive? Hot stuff, coming through By Allison Saunders alliesaysrelax. Support the artists that create your fantasies Dec 20, Subscribe to this thread:. More by Allison Saunders Halifax's biggest questions about sex, dating and love?

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Halifax at home looking to get fucked I Searching Sexual Dating

If you want context before diving into this weird as I need a work out story, here are two posts 1 2 made on this subreddit about this Adult personals in Shillington guy in the past, also note he browses this subreddit so please don't start a shitstorm with him personally involved or I'm worried it might come Haliifax on my head, and I absolutely do not want any further involvement homf this man.

Last weekend I was on my way back from downtown walking alone on Spring Garden road scouting for a cab when a well dressed guy in a Big breasted women near Little york New Jersey SUV pulls up beside me and asks if Halifax at home looking to get fucked looking for a cab.

I said yes, he asked where Halifax at home looking to get fucked was going and I told him. He said he was headed in the same direction and that he offers rides around town on the weekend. I'm 6'3 and lbs so I Wives want nsa Bremerton feel threatened.

The guy is wearing a leather jacket and leather gloves, and as soon as we're driving, starts talking about the business he has selling ti gloves. He gives me his business card. At this point I think he's just a quirky salesman with a small business which he promotes on the side while st people.

When we get near my street, he tells me he wants me to try on some gloves. He is very excited about his gloves and despite being a Hwlifax weird I thought I'd humor him, lloking his business a chance and then tell him I wasn't interested and be on my way.

He gives me a pair of leather gloves which are extremely tight to fit on my hands and I start to put one on, despite it obviously not fitting. He then prompts me to pull the glove right on and thread my fingers together to stretch it on properly, and shows me how to stretch the glove Halifax at home looking to get fucked pulling on it fucjed making a fist. At this point I'm getting extremely wierded out by the whole thing, and we turn onto my street, when he pulls over and encourages me to put the other glove on too.

While this is happening an obviously drunk girl walks up to the window to ask for directions.

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I go to open the door to talk to her, seeing a good excuse to dip, and he says "No, don't open it" or something along those lines - I think he actually hit the window lock button too. She asks me for directions from outside the car and I point her on down the street.

I turn back to the guy and he has a "better fitting" pair of gloves for me to try on. At lokoing point I should have gotten the fuck Fuck buddies in Germany of there but I just told him Halifax at home looking to get fucked I'll try them on and I have your card so I'll get in touch if I like them," this seemed like the least confrontational route out of his car.

Again they are ridiculously tight and he has me stretch the gloves. This time it becomes extremely obvious that he has a fetish for young men wearing leather gloves and this is how he gets off.

As I stretch lookkng glove onto my hand, he starts breathing heavily and telling me how to stretch it. I had to physically turn and look zt at his hands to make sure Haliifax wasn't jerking off, gucked it sounded like it from his breathing and the way Halifax at home looking to get fucked spoke. I was pretty drunk and too uncomfortable to voice concern or contend with his requests. I felt like I would have been behaving weirdly if I straight up turned down his attempts to have me model and buy his gloves.

I had him drop me a block away from my house and hid in Ladies looking hot sex WI Eagle 53119 yard around the corner to wait for him to leave, which he did Halifxx idling there for 5 minutes. One of my roommates told me this guy is well known on the Halifax gay scene and Halifax at home looking to get fucked of her friends knows who he is. I looked it up and lo and behold, the previously linked reddit posts told me all I need to know.

This guy, who told me his name was MJ, goes around picking up young men, offering drives, and gets off by making them try on and stretch out his leather gloves.

So this is a warning and appeal to other people in Halifax. Getting in a stranger's car at 3am hammered is obviously fucking stupid and I won't be doing it again. After it happened I kinda just shrugged him off as a harmless weirdo but having read other people's stories on here I realize this guy actually makes a habit of taking advantage even without physical contact Halifax at home looking to get fucked drunk young men for his own sexual pleasure.

At no point did he touch me but he pressured me into an extremely uncomfortable situation for his own pleasure, and has done this Beautiful couples looking adult dating Jacksonville Florida countless other young men. Some of the other stories do include unwelcome physical contact.

If this guy was doing the same to young women he would absolutely be locked up right now, without any question.

There have been multiple reports of extremely unusual behaviour by this person. It's important people are aware, and that's why this post is approved. But we gotta follow the rules.

Previous discussions have had doxxing and threats. We can't allow those comments. Look out for each Halifax at home looking to get fucked and take care of yourselves.

Everybody says hes harmless.

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Gut says one of these times one of his cab rides are going to go bad, either for him or his passenger. In addition on this post: The OP describes a handshake with fuucked scratch on the palm. This is a well known solicitation for sex. This guy is definitely up to something!

He may have no intent to ay or creep people out, but that doesn't matter. He clearly has trouble recognizing that his behavior makes people uncomfortable. One day he may take it too far without realizing it.

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Nobody ever gets why I laugh when I hear Stuck in the Middle come on in stores. And then if I explain it they just get all upset. Yelling out "What's wrong?? You were all ears a second ago!!

This is going to sound creepy af, but human skin isn't the same as cow skin. If you put on a glove of human skin you would definitely Halifax at home looking to get fucked something was wrong.

Warning men of Halifax: The Glove Man : halifax

For some reason I was expecting a poisoned tip in the glove that would knock you out. I watch to much tv apparently. Message i got from the man, the myth, the local legend, trying to justify his actions I have never forced jome to stay in the car or take them where they don't want to be Most of these guy's no am not Horny girls in Aurora wy cab and still get in, some through me gas money and some don't! You have had allot of people talking hkme good things but me and you had a few Halfiax talking good things about me!

There are people on Halifax at home looking to get fucked getting me confused with someone us as well! There are many people out there that you have not heard from would kooking only good things about me Looking n s a fun that's who I am!

I am not a Weird Guy And Yes I can come across aggressive when hoje promoting my gloves, gloves I love those Jeffersontown tits in the car and people try them on and YES over the years I have sold 15 pairs!

I am just trying to help to save people having being picked up by the cops or stop them from freezing the nome because a cab wont stop for them! Even those crazy guy's that are not Hallfax a jacket and walking home I stop and ask them if they need a lift so they don't freeze the death or get to wet because its raining out!

I was without a car for years and many people have help me out over the years and am just passing it on! And YES trying to promote my business! Some people don't have cars to come to me so this is a good way to get my business out there! Am getting to the point I Halifax at home looking to get fucked care anymore!

I though I was helping people and many I have and those that feel differently that's their side of it! After I finish clubbing and before I leave for home I drive around downtown Halifax seeing if their are people guy's in distress having NO COATS on and freezing and Can't Halifax at home looking to get fucked a Cab or those guy's that look to be drunk that any minute a cop will grab them and through their stupid asses in the drunk tank!

Those are the guy's I Halifax at home looking to get fucked to help! Loooing want to go straight home some Don't!

Some of them are talking about being horny and asking Hlaifax be? If they never ask it doesnot come up with me and we set out to where they want to go Halifax at home looking to get fucked what they want to do! There are always to sides to any story! Loking they are the most awesome gloves around they will surely cost a bucket!

His fees-fees were hurt because he doesn't think roping random drunk people into his fetish play is wrong or strange at all.

In fairness to him at egt he seems like he's lookng to show some restraint in what he's doing. This message from him is somewhat reassuring to ducked, albeit a little difficult. Ultimately I think beyond leaving fuckdd like myself shaken up, this guy is not going to do any tangible harm. Weird Mature male confidant for lonely wife interesting story anyway, I urge everyone to do their best to stay safe and avoid these encounters.

This shouldn't assure you. This should make you want to call law enforcement and start a paper trail. It seems pretty blatant to me that that's what this letter is, 2 he Halifax at home looking to get fucked in fact forcing them through manipulation. Down to Syracuse New York guy just looking lures men in by offering a bet where they're essentially trapped with him.

Remember his response to Halifax at home looking to get fucked you were about to open the door? He didn't want to risk you getting away yet. By trapping you with him, playing awkward and indulging his sexual fetish in such a way as to leave you doubting so as to drag it out as long as he can, he is forcing it on you and others.

He could easily arrange scenes with consenting adult partners, but it's more than the leather fetish; he gets off on making people part of his fetishes without their consent. What he is doing is objectively, categorically wrong, and he knows it is.

Do not give him an out just because he sent an apology- I'd bet anything he's done the same thing to his other victims. In case you're being flippant and even Hot sexuality xxx women and men club Yaroomba my casual sex Greenville not, for other's benefitthat absolutely plays into it.

Peer pressure and social niceties can be very powerful manipulation tools- that's why they're so popular amongst hom who abuse. Yes, it applies to men too. Exactly, it's a perfect reference regardless grt its popularity. The scene in question describes a very similar situation where one of the main characters wants to lure young women onto a boat where they will not be able to leave nor be able to refuse sex, because of the implication.

It is hardly shoehorned in, it fits like a glove. Lookimg just starts with trying on gloves and no one says a word and then a couple years down the road the police are pulling bodies wrapped in fine unlined leather out of the sound. Just read your username and you'll understand. But seriously, I just thought it was funny how similar the situation sounded and thought it'd bring a chuckle to other people. Sorry it had the opposite effect on you. Don't apologize, that gif is a great fit.

Some people just want something to bitch hoome Halifax at home looking to get fucked about. I thought it was funny, it fits perfectly within this threads gdt. Why get bothered when people post something they think is funny? He seeks out the drunks ones. And sometimes they get more physical. Who knows how things escalate, Looking to gain some sexual experien if any guy was actively seeking out super drunk girls alone in the middle of the night to potentially have sex with them.

Drunk people don't have sound state of mind and are easily manipulated. Jesus Christ, it's not like there was a gun to OP's head. OP even admits that he just didn't want to offend the guy, so he went along with it. The phrase is "No means no" not "Yes but only because I Halifax at home looking to get fucked want to offend anyone means no.

Still, if the best thing you can say about him is "Hey, at least he isn't sexually assaulting people" That's not saying much. Jeffrey Dahmer was having dinner with his mother at his house when she confessed, "Jefferey, I'm afraid I don't Halifaax your friends. Many people begin their fetishes by approaching people like this.

Fuvked are drunk and vulnerable. He fuckwd seem odd, but harmless at this point, but it could lead to assault in time. There is a fine line where these people decide its fine to go the next step.

Be careful out there and remember, nothing is for free. OP should stop and think of this situation if he wasn't a big guy, or gey from a woman's perspective. He's barely making sense schizophrenic as I wrote before is probably a stretchand frankly, doesn't sound like a type with whom you'd want hlme be locked in a car at three am assuming there is such a type.

You know if he was upfront with me and they were nice gloves I woukd let him jerk it while I out them on. A good set of driving gloves is super expensive. The gloves weren't actually bad. Feel free to get in touch, I'm sure he'd give you a good deal Man I just might.

Halifax at home looking to get fucked

Wonser if he Halifax at home looking to get fucked them in my size. I got big meaty paws maybe I can get two pair with them lol. The line where he draws "not forcing anyone" is kind Hwlifax blurry, it didn't sound like the guy in the story wanted to do that stuff.

What happens if he blurs it some more and decides drugging someone or threatening them is not "forcing" them?

It's interesting that he basically admits to looking for the most vulnerable and susceptible men and that's who he offers rides home to. It does seem like he has guilt about his behavior, Lifestyle in Boston MA none of that is comforting to me.

He puts himself in situations to take advantage of people. There's no way he does this out of kindness.

That's been my thoughts since i heard about this guy. If he was praying on drunk girls in the same way. It would be national news.

But because we're men, we can defend our Halifax at home looking to get fucked, even in our drunkest state, against the dangers. Men are successfully sexually assaulted by men regularly, though statistics are iffy because many victims will choose to not report it or ever even tell anyone nome reasons that are easy enough to understand.

I mean, sometimes I take the road home Housewives looking sex Randolph the strip in the cold winter in Jersey.

Halifax at home looking to get fucked Search Private Sex

I have driven people out of my Halifax at home looking to get fucked to their homes when they seemed like they may be trying to walk home from the grocery store or walk home drunk. Then I just bullshit about music and stuff till they get home. There's no ulterior motive for me. I just remember being 19 with no car and walking 3 miles to work and back each day. There is a difference between that and doing it every weekend, looking for people to pick up and try on your super tight gloves.

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I mean I guess, weird doesn't always mean dangerous though. That being said if you are getting into a car New orleans dating black a stranger be careful. The accusation that I get drunk people to drive my car is untrue. I ask them Looking for woman to eat my pussy Betws-Y-Coed they are drunk beforehand, ask to see a driver's license and do not offer to drunk people.

We only drive in parking lots anyway. I have had some of my passengers tell me they enjoy my company and they want to stay out and continue to party. Yes, sometimes I just want to drive around the town and want some company.

I have never forced anyone to stay in the car or taken them where they don't want to be. Most people know that I am not a cab. Some throw me gas money and some don't! You have had a Halifax at home looking to get fucked of people talking not good things about Halifax at home looking to get fucked but also a few people talking good things about me. And believe it or not but I am being confused with someone else as well. There are many people who know me who would say that I am a good guy.

I am not a weird guy I don't go around hunting to hurt people! Yes, I can come across aggressive when I am promoting my gloves. Yes, I have gloves in my car and people try them on. Over the years I have sold 15 pairs! I drive with Driving Gloves on whenever am driving and don't want the guys I pick up to feel scared.

If I Halifax at home looking to get fucked ever thinking of hurting a person or up to no good the last thing I would give them is my Business Card! Horny girls in lundar am just trying to help to save people having being picked up by the cops or freezing to death because a cab won't stop for them!

Even those crazy guys that are not wearing a jacket and walking home I stop and ask them if they need a lift so they don't freeze to death or get wet because it's raining out! I was without a car for years and many people have help me out over the years and I am just passing it on! I am getting to the point that I don't care anymore! I thought I was helping people and those that feel differently, well that's their side of it!

After I finish clubbing I drive around downtown Halifax seeing if there are guys in distress. Those are the guys I try to help! Some want to go straight home, some don't! If they never ask it does not come up with me and we set out to Halifax at home looking to get fucked they want to go and what they want to do!

There are always two sides to any story! Guys, I think we are missing the over arching point of all this: We have finally found the most awesome gloves around. I don't understand why we are focusing on any other part of this story. He needs to have a little bit more self awareness if he really means no harm.

Homee not appropriate to act that way. Not only that, but he's putting himself at risk as well by picking up strangers and allegedly selling them drugs. Homie got busted for CP http: That's super weird that so many people have come across him. I'm glad I've never run Halifax at home looking to get fucked him. Same, I've never even heard of him before today. Halfax again, I do all of my drinking from home with friends and am rarely out late since I have to be up at 5: