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Bartlesville bttm for hot top

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I wanted to ask some of you boys, would you be Topp if a female who finds you interesting ask you out or would that make you uncomfortable. Seeking for a serious female to play with sometime. If you are not a Dom, but simply an alpha male, please do not reply. Learn from your pass and turn your experience to knowledge and pass it along.

Age: 34
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Hair: Pink
Relation Type: Tall, Tattooed Man Looking For A Girlfriend

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It is for a hot hamburger.

If you have pictured in your head some sort of Bartlesville bttm for hot top patty in some sort of bun, erase that picture and consider this: Even folks who come for steak instead of chopped-up hamburger know to order a side Bartlesvillf of fried potatoes with gravy.

No state has more -- and more interesting -- different styles of hamburger than Oklahoma. El Reno, just west of Oklahoma Cityis legendary for its onion-fried burgers; Tulsa is a burger Mecca, too.

We're not talking about fancy-pants, overpriced burgers or silly-thick pub Bartlesville bttm for hot top, and we certainly don't mean chain restaurant burgers. Also on the menu: Frito chili pie, corn dogs and chocolate-covered peanut butter bon bons. Cafe, bakery, tea room: The 'hamburger' part of Murphy's hot hamburger is eclipsed by French fries and gravy.

You will find Bartlesville bttm for hot top underneath the spuds and on top of the toast that is visible peeking out at the bottom. In the world of Roadfood mottoes, 'Gravy Over All' is among the most compelling. See what we mean when we say that Murphy's has the feel of a diner? At the back of the photo, towards the right and behind the cash register you can see one of the staff taking an order at the walk-up window.

We are big fans of any restaurant that that advertises itself using an image of the animal whose meat they serve. Need we mention that Murphy's is not a vegetarian enclave?

The white bread in the cracker basket comes in handy for mopping gravy from a plate or dipping into separate side orders of gravy. Also note the Jot Crock.

Butter is a rarity in Oklahoma cafes. Variations on the theme include a hot cheeseburger, hot beef, hot steak, and hot ham.

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