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Does the patient's Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 assist in diagnosis? Signs of cardiac damage may appearat any age. Is a special Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 examination helpful? Yes, although information thus gained is usually Sweet wives want sex Bath specific. In the light of the general physical examina- tion, however, knowledge of the presence of a secondary cardiac involvement is important and helpful.

For ex- ample, the presence of such signs as lupus erythematosis, scleroderma, sarcoidosis, or amyloidosis may indicate cardiac complications. A cardiac murmur is Cochraton nostic. A gallop rhythm is an im- portant signal of left ventricular damage, possibly in- dicating heart failure.

How can laboratory studies help establish the presence of cardiac involvement occasioned by these less common primary Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 secondary causes? The ECG is serking nondiagnostic, but it may show T wave or S-T interval changes to strengthen a diag- nosis, particularly if a previous ECG shows no abnor- malities and if, in the meantime, Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 patient has had no chemotherapy which would account for them.

A roentgen plate of the chest helps confirm cardiac enlargement, 44 particularly if a previous plate shows a normal cardiac silhouette. Cardiac catheterization is of little importance, but if diastolic hypertension appears when cardiac fail- ure is present or suspected, we should carefully Casual Dating Waldoboro Maine 4572 its meaning, excluding ordinary hypertension as the background.

The etiology of this acute, isolated form of myocardial disease is unknown, although a virus is suspected. The purely symp- tomatic treatment is directed toward the congestive Wivees ure. In the management of this disease, corticosteroid hormones deserve a therapeutic trial. Some clinicians doubt that this rare type of heart disease is a clinical entity. Perhaps future virology studies will throw more light on the background.

What is the prognosis in primary or secondary cardiac invasion? Much will depend, of course, on the etiologic agent. In acute cases where cardiac enlargement and failure and a rapid downhill course develop, the outlook is very poor.

When there is recovery, the healed focal lesions which may occur usually are unimportant. There may also be such cardiac irregularities as the premature beats re- ported following the influenza epidemic. After satisfactory control of cardiac complaints, the outlook depends on sfx nature of the causative agent. What treatment do you recommend for patients suffering from primary or secondary cardiac disease?

Once diagnosed, the primary disease should be vigor- ously treated. In any infiltrating disease of the heart muscle, bed Looking for Bedford bro good times is extremely important, but its dura- tion will vary.

When cardiac failure appears or is sus- pected, the Cocharnton of digitalis and of diuretics, the restriction of sodium intake, and the control of cardiac arrhythmia are vital. Treatment should continue until heart en- largement and accompanying arrhythmias are under control. December 4,at the age of After a three-year Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 of practice Cochranotn Cresco, Iowa, Dr.

Gardner returned to Pittsburgh in to begin a brilliant career in internal medicine. He became associated with the late Benson A. Upon the death of Dr. Gardner was named Senior in Medicine at St. This experience, together with his activ- ities as a delegate to the State Society, led to his election in as a delegate to the American Medical Cocharnton and his re-election for five additional two-year terms.

Gardner was installed as the st President of the Pennsylvania Medical Society, having previously served with distinction as a member of the Committees on Public Health Legislation and Medical Eco- nomics.

He also served a term as First Vice-President. On October 1,Dr. His service as Secretary- Treasurer, and later as Secretary, spanned nine years, and terminated on January 15,when ill health forced his resignation.

Prior to his resignation, Dr. Gardner had been admitted to Magee Hospital ; later he was a patient at Negley House, until his death. Gardner upon the affairs of the Society Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 continue in- definitely.

The memorial to him, established within the Educational and Scientific Trust for educa- tional Milf personals in Sulligent AL, has engraved his name in Penn- Looking to gain some sexual experien medicine for posterity. Some see support dwindling for these tradi- tional assets of the practitioner.

Regard this problem from its historical aspect by pretending that you are a practicing Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 in some county in the United States, before the founding of our societies.

You have several scores of fellow practitioners, but no medical organization. There is no county medical society to affront you by using your money for dues or your time for meet- ings and committee work.

You are also free of such encroachments at the state and national level. I am confident that it would be only a very short time before one of your fellow practitioners would approach you with the complaint: Soon the adjacent coun- ties would band together to found a state-wide amalgamation of these county groups.

Inevitably, a national association would be created by uniting the state societies. But all this togetherness could not be achieved without a great deal Lunchtime sex today communication. Much of this would necessarily be of a permanent na- Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314, and would have to be in some archival form. The demand for an official house organ would be unavoidable and at each Wivex of the organiza- tion, such publications would come into being.

In this reverse look at medical organization, we can safely assume that the complaining role would be taken by the same man who plays that part in our present establishment. But we have gone through all this, and we are organized and stratified, and the various organi- zations are represented by appropriate publica- tions. Regrettably, these things are being taken for granted, as are so many familiar good things.

And now, the inevitable change is leading to the separation of our previously-united doctors into small Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 groups, on the basis of special- ization, methods of remuneration, place and type of practice, and many other factors.

But the more we divide, the more we need to unite. The more the demands placed upon us by the need for specialization and other divisive forces, the more we must preserve those ties which bind esx in our parent organizations.

If we allow those strong bonds to dissolve, we will realize their value in their loss. The lack will be a greater vacuum than the one which led to Cochrnton establishment in the first place.

Full text of "Pennsylvania medical journal"

To abandon the state journals would be to give up the means by which we find out what is happening in the art, science, and economics of medicine Paterson girls for fuck our corner of the world, to say nothing of political, 4 2 n t fuck phoenix, and educational activi- ties of the area.

Intercommunication is essential, and we must be involved in our discipline locally, where we live. Norman Welch, said well that it is the duty of the members of our AMA to become well- rounded physicians — to be learned in the science of medicine and skilled in the art, but also to be well-versed in the socioeconomic aspects of our profession. The doctor who devotes himself narrowly and completely to his special field cannot achieve this well-rounded development. His studies, however serious, however intense, cannot lead to wisdom.

He who limits his reading to the texts and jour- nals of his specialty and seeks to learn of related fields only from abstract journals, will grow in knowledge of less and less and will diminish in stature as his involvement in Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 decreases. Should we have too many of such members, the unity we have achieved through our societies will disappear, and the intercommunication we have enjoyed through our publications will dwindle.

And who will risk a loss of unity in this social and economic climate? We need more than ever to hang together for fear of hanging separately. To preserve our great achievements in Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 ican medicine, uphold your duty Nude women Pittsfield your brother physicians and to yourself.

NE GUY who could do something about house calls Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 the man who makes tire chains. We who practice in the north suffer long periods of our year when mud, snow, and ice are very much with us.

Most Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 go around dressed in a manner halfway between that of the town bum and the personification of sartorial excellence demanded by the wife ; they therefore take a dim view of putting on the chains for fear of getting mud on the old sport coat.

Be- sides, they are afraid that the car will fall off the jack and produce an acute iatrogenic brachy- cephaly. The resultant clash of forces leads the doctor to think of some nifty excuses. Now, it seems to me that a country that could come up with such things as the cotton gin, the sewing machine, and the lift-top beer can ought to be able to do something about the incredible difficulty of obtaining a lot more traction when a car needs it.

We have seen the windshield wiper become motorized and the crank give way to the self-starter. Long ago we were blessed with demountable rims, and today we solve the flat tire problem merely by switching wheels.

Seats are automatically adjustable, windows open and close at the touch of a button, the car can be warmed and cooled as needed, and we can turn lights on inside and out without resorting to using flint and steel or even to lighting a Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314. But if we need to increase the grabbing power of our drive wheels, we have to lie down in muddy water or in snow and ice to connect up a bunch of chains around a dirty, greasy wheel with no visibility and less accessibility.

Small wonder that the doctor seeks excuses to avoid this trip even if it is necessary. How can Detroit come up with all these other marvels and leave us with this archaic device when we Sweet housewives looking real sex Watsonville go through mud and snow? Join in the march on Detroit to see what has become of the ingenuity and inventive spirit which once flourished there!

A community, like a human being, Dr. Barba said, is subject to disease — delinquen- cy, crime, poverty, unemployment, sub-standard education, the cancer of political corruption, and problems associated with population growth.

The challenge of combating the troubles of mankind is doubled for pediatricians, but Dr. Barba urged all physicians to respond. We cannot hide in com- fortable, windowless cubicles of specialized oc- cupations ; we cannot drop the gauntlet and re- fuse the challenge we have accepted.

Thou- sands of Americans are allergic to penicillin — an in- jection Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 produce fatal shock. Thousands more might die if given horse serum antitetanus injections. Y r et penicillin and antitetanus immunization are given rou- tinely in emergency treatment of accident victims.

To forestall such useless deaths, a number of preven- tive steps have been taken, but Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 have not yet reached the attention of all the medical, paramedical, emergency, and accident personnel of our nation, let alone the vul- nerable patients Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 doctors have not told them how to protect themselves.

After his daughter nearly died from Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 reaction to Girls looking for sex Milwaukee toxin, Dr.

Marion Collins of Fig. Emergency Medical Identification Symbol. Turlock, California, tried to solve this recurrent emer- gency problem.

He founded Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 Medic Alert Founda- tion International. The Foundation also disseminates free literature and teaching materials to all doctors and nurs- es, and encourages them to teach paramedical and law enforcement personnel of the great need for this Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 cation. Obvious examples of candidates for the We want some black pussy in atlanta wearing of such emblems are individuals known to have allergic problems that threaten life, or those with dia- betes, epilepsy, glaucoma, hemophilia, myasthenia gravis, as well as persons who wear contact lenses or those re ceiving anticoagulant therapy or corticosteroids.

Patients can register their medical problems with the Medic Alert Foundation by requesting and completing the appropriate application forms available from the Foundation. The Medic Alert Foundation has been growing rapidly, because of the critical need for it.

Tens of thousands of patients in the United States now wear the warning tag. Sister organizations have been established with their own boards of directors in six other countries, from Great Britain to the Philippines.

In sixteen more countries, the Medic Alert emblem is registered, and autonomous branches are being established. The American Medical Association's adoption Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 the universal emergency medical identification symbol, has brought the needed standardization of identity.

Final- ly, the AMA pamphlet lists manufacturers of identifica- tion jewelry for persons who wish to use the bracelet only. These combined efforts of the Medic Alert Founda- tion International Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 the American Medical Association have made it possible for practicing physicians, nurses, hospital personnel, and other medical and paramedical services to protect those patients who might die because strangers do not know of their pre-existing medical problems.

Certainly credit is due those who have seen a significant need and have done something about it. Their efforts will save an untold number of lives E.

Effective local action is seen as the key to these efforts. Public opinion polls show that 60 percent of the electorate oppose the Fedicare plan for aged health care.

Thus, the election was no mandate for its passage. A faculty of experts will review and explore the fundamentals of ectopic impulse formation, identification of both simple and complex arrhyth- mias, the approach to the therapy of cardiac ar- rhythmias, and recent advances in the therapy of cardiac arrhythmias.

Consideration will be given to constructive approaches for the future. The course will be acceptable for thirty-three hours of American Academy of General Practice Credits. Philadelphia Selects Officers Edmund L.

United States: Charlotte

In he will succeed George P. Jacob Gershon-Cohen Meet Attractive women in New York Perry S.

Mac- Neal were Mature sex dating Kalitaw Directors-at-Large for three- year terms, and Drs. Scarano and Louis H. Weiner were elected to three-year terms on the Board of Censors. Seven are Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans, 46 are inde- pendent plans, and are insurance com- panics.

Appel, Lancaster general practitioner and surgeon, will be elevated to the presidency of the American Medical Association in une. He was chosen President- Elect at a special election held in Miami in December. The few choice facts are these: The continuing and in- sidious efforts to socialize Amer- ican medicine; the desirability of closing the gap between med- ical advances and medical prac- tice; the need for more doctors of medicine and other members of the health care team to meet the inevitable results of cur pop- ulation growth.

The computer might well be Dr. His number one concern Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 Fedicare Wivee how best to com- bat such opening wedges that are being hammered home by the proponents of Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314. Appel points out that we have a proven mechanism for combatting such efforts — an in- formed public. He points to the change in public opinion that has taken place since organized medicine has been telling its story about Fedicare.

Ten years ago, about 68 percent of the people were in favor of the Fed- icare approach. Just prior to the November election, a public opinion poll showed that opin- ions had changed to the point where about Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 percent of the public was opposed to Cofhranton Fed- icare approach.

He points out that every member of the medical profession and every Cochrsnton has a big stake in such federal legislation and that every one has an obligation to fight socialistic inroads. In his second pet concern, Dr.

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Appel is pressing for new and better ways of putting proven medical advances into the hands of the practitioners of medicine. Without going into specific de- tail, Dr. Appel has become a national personality and much has already been written about his numerous deeds and honors.

But what is he really like as the healer of the sick, as a confidant, as a friend, as the family physi- cian? Here is how one Lancaster housewife sees him, as related in a letter to the editor of the Lan- caster New Era: He is going to be pressing the Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314, special- ty organizations, state medical societies, and county medical so- cieties to become more and more active in postgraduate education and refresher courses.

In his third major area of con- cern, Dr. Appel says he will be working to expand the availabil- ity of scholarships and loans for medical students in the hope that no one with the potential for being a good physician will be prevented from reaching that potential by lack of funds.

He hopes to broaden the activities of the American Medical Asso- ciation Education and Research Foundation and he points to the increasing role of The Educa- tional and Scientific Trust of the Pennsylvania Medical Society as an ideal mechanism for other state societies to establish.

Coupled with his desire to in- crease the number of medical doctors is a companion concern with medical education and his feeling, shared by many others, that more of the socio-economic side of medical practice should be included in medical school curricula.

Appel was elected President- Elect, his arrival at Phila- delphia airport, and his sub- sequent return to his Lan- caster office. Those who have known Dr. Now, as President-Elect of the AMA with his term as President starting in June, he is and will be in a position to bring an ever- increasing amount of influence to bear on these major problems of medicine.

Born May 15,Lancaster, Pennsylvania B. Delegation, World Health Organization, and Member. Smith, New Canaan, Connecticut Mrs. The amendment failed to get congressional approval before the election. The doctors emphasized their concern regard- ing the cost of health care.

Chronic beds for long-term patients who can do much to care for themselves may cost only one-third that amount.

When we attempt to increase the distribution of this good medical care, let us beware not to de- Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 the quality Adult looking casual sex Oldham South Dakota have attained.

The organization session of! Professor, medical editor, pop- ular lecturer, Dr. Chapman, after a year as President, told the AMA delegates: Wood, the ninth AMA President, was the second distinguished Philadel- phia physician to receive the high recognition of the Associa- tion.

Thirteen years later, the Association again turned to Pennsylvania for a leader, select- ing Dr. Samuel David Gross, generally regarded as the father of surgical pathology, one of the finest medical authors of the cen- tury, and the foremost surgical teacher of that time.

Again, inthe delegates to the AMA picked a native son of our state, Alfred Stille, who, inhad served as one of the first secretaries of the or- ganization.

Widely rec- ognized in the field of obstetrics, at eightv-three years of age he was the oldest President of the Association. Sexy looking sex Missoula Montana the period from the turn of the century to no less than five Philadelphia physicians served as leader of the AMA: Rodman, ; George E.

Schematic drawings of the proposed structure have been approved by the Board of Trustees and Councilors. Architects are working on interior designs. Construction is expected to start this spring, with comple- tion scheduled for late this year or early The proposed building, to house all So- ciety offices, will be a three-story structure of contemporary design appropriate to the area. A Board meeting room, a small auditorium, and a modular arrangement of interior areas Hard horny and Columbia Missouri flexibility in meeting Society needs, are State Has First Polio-free Year For the first time in the history of poliomyelitis in Pennsylvania, the state in had no known cases of the disease.

According to Charles L. Inthere were cases — five times as many as in — most of them occurring during outbreaks in Philadelphia and in the Cumberland- Perry-Franklin County area almost one-fourth of the national total for that year. Of these 1 10 cases, 89 were paralytic. The Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 purchased this tract in The new building to be constructed here will replace Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 present Society headquarters in down- town Harrisburg, where space restrictions have been an increasing problem in recent years.

Discussions will include motor and secretory mechanisms, corticovisceral responses, drug ef- fects, nutritional disturbances, infection, carcino- ma in situ, and very early cancer. For registration informa- tion contact John If. Five members of the faculty are on the Uni- versity of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Medi- cine staff, and six are from Jefferson.

Controversial topics may be more in evidence as a result of another proposal. Workshops, seminars on a fee basis, closed-circuit color tele- vision, wet clinics, how-to-do-it sessions, and round tables also are being considered.

Late last year, the Committee called specialty society representatives, members of the Board of Trustees, and staff personnel to a workshop in Harrisburg to review the Annual Session problem and consider ideas. There was some agreement Mesmorizing blue eyed sex Warren AFB Wyoming girl programs should be aimed at the general practitioner and that ef- forts must be made to lure younger persons to the meetings.

He supported having specialty meet- ings at Annual Session, with increased promo- tion through the Pennsylvania Academy of Gen- eral Practice. West expressed concern regarding the Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 drop in Annual Session attendance.

A general decrease in member registra- tion has occurred, no matter what the site of the convention. Some 20 percent of the total membership attended the Annual. Attendance at general Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 has de- creased gradually. Total costs have doubled in the past ten years. The number of exhibitors has Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314, as have applications from first-class exhibitors. The Problem, Gentlemen, Is This: Here are scenes from a Committee workshop for specialty society representa- tives, members of the Board of Trustees, and the Society Married man giving out free pussy licking, held in Harrisburg in mid-November.

In the photograph at left, discussing the problem, are, left to right, Hans Keitel, M. In the photograph at right Ned Maxwell, M. He will leave his present position with the Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 at the convenience of the Society, but not later than March Headquartered in Harrisburg, he will help organize and assist state medical political action groups, as needed.

A native Pennsylvanian, Mr. Watson has been with the State Society since and has served in a number of staff positions. In his present post, he directs the administrative services, scientific advancement, and legislative departments.

Organizations in which he Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 active include veterans groups, the Medical Society Executives Association, Summit Lodgeand the Harris- burg Consistory.

He resides in Camp Hill with his wife and three children. Basic Mechanism of Disease, with Clinical Application, PGI Topic Several thousand physicians will study the latest developments in drugs for therapy in men- tal illness, heart disease, in lung and liver prob- lems, and other medical areas, at the Twenty- ninth Annual Postgraduate Institute in Phil- adelphia, March 30 through April 2.

Dupler said, "for thorough examination of seven major fields of medicine, offering every physician worth- while postgraduate material on important sub- jects. Adding value to these meetings is the fact that leading medical specialty groups are cooperating in it Saskatchewan sexy woma the first time.

The American College of Cardiology, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Chap- ter of the American Pleart Association, the Penn- sylvania and Philadelphia Psychiatric Societies and the Laetmec Society studying respiratory disease will take part in sections on their re- spective specialties. Following are subjects and moderators com- prising the program: Symposium on Psychopharmacology, mod- erator Daniel Plain, M. Pathophysiology of the Anemias, moderator Allan J.

Equally important is the fact that the drills are a vehicle for invaluable training for the real thing. It took part in one in Pittsburgh, put on one of its own in West Chester, and next month will assist in a drill in Scranton. The purpose of these ses- sions is to raise the local level of disaster preparedness and acquaint key people with disaster equipment and training programs.

Use of the 1 65 civil defense emergency hospitals in Penn- sylvania and the medical self-help training program are emphasized. Commission Chairman Jack C. White said one person told him "the entire conference was the very best and most in- formative that he had ever attended. The photographs on this and the adjoining page were taken at Memorial Hospital in West Chester during the drill.

Physicians with key roles in the conference, besides Dr. Self-help training, emergency hospitals, triage, emergency surgical treat- ment in disaster, and trauma will be dis- cussed. School Anti-Smoking Programs Among Cancer Committee Goals Continued emphasis on anti-smoking programs in the public schools beginning at the fifth grade has been recommended by the Pennsylvania Can- cer Coordinating Committee.

At its annual meet- ing, the group also recommended: Continued efforts to promote proctosig- moidoscopy examinations; cancer of the colon and rectum is a leading cause of cancer deaths. Further promotion of breast self-examina- tion, and uterine cytology programs. Copies of the Committee annual report will Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 available after February 1 from Dr.

The two-day session will delve into such mat- ters at the Operation Hometown campaign, dues billing, political action, student Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314, pub- lic relations aids, legislative dinner planning, membership indoctrination, organization struc- ture, bulletin advertising, and Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 attendance. In the initial session Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 Married ladies want sex Curitiba conference, the county executives will meet to discuss common problems and agree on topics to be discussed with the State Society staff the Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 day.

The President, Wilbur E. Flannery, front, second from right, was the newest member of this exclusive group. The night after the dinner, he stepped down as President and received the Past President Me- dallion, such as those seen here worn by most of the former Presidents.

Kern and Flannery in the front row are, left to right, Elmer G. Cowleyand E.

Standing, left to right, are Daniel H. BeeLewis Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314. BuckmanTheodore R. FetterThomas W. McCrearyJohn T. BorzellW. Jonesand William L. Benefactors to the Benevolence Fund in November were: Bergnes in memory of Mrs. William Ahrend ; Mrs. Kutz in memory of Mrs. Married man for older woman Boksenbaum, Lawrence D.

Slewka, Alexander Stavrides, Arthur C. Walsh, Pittsburgh; Joseph M. Transferred ' — Constantine D. Jamoulis, Altoona from Washington County. Bischoff, Perkasie; Clara L. Quintero, Harrisburg; Donald G. Joseph J Wunsch, Lebanon. Bula- tao, Edward N.

Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 I Ready Horny People

Transferred — Gene T. Fries, Williamsport from Mercer County. Transferred — Donald E. Beck, Sewickley from Allegheny County. Pendelton, Bryn Athyn; Nicholas B. Burton Jay, Edward F. Saffer- man, Collingswood, N. Victor Adlin, Robert A. Boland, Hector Chavez, J. Wagner, Philadelphia; Nor- man Magid, Roslyn. Transferred — Samuel B. McCarter, Danville from Montour County.

Hahn, Donora; Francis D. May be habit forming atropine sulfate 0. Pending Wuves of the cause, early cessation of diarrhea is almost always urgently indicated. Prompt sympto- matic control Cochtanton distress, dehydra- tion South Portland boy seeks black or pr girl, frequently, severe exhaustion.

Both experimental and clinical evi- dence indicates that Lomotil exerts such control efficiently, safely and with maxi- mal promptness. The recommended initial adult dosage is two tablets 2. Maintenance dosage may be as low as two tablets daily. Childrens daily dosage in di- vided doses varies from 3 mg. PAA is an exempt narcotic; its abuse liability is low and comparable to that of codeine. Recommended dosages should not be exceeded.

Side effects are rela- tively uncommon but among those reported are gastrointestinal irritation, sedation, dizziness, cutaneous manifes- Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314, restlessness and insomnia. Lomotil should be used with caution in patients Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 impaired liver function and in patients taking addicting drugs or barbiturates. Lomotil is a brand of diphenoxylate hvdrochloride with atropine sulfate; the subtherapeutic amount of atropine is Wivee to discourage deliberate overdosage.

Herron, Export; Gary P. Monsour, Irwin; William D. Deaths 22 Allegheny County: David Brooks, Read- ing Temple Univ. Hensel, Harrisburg Hahnemann Med.

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Schatz, Allentown Temple Univ. Sharkey, West Hazleton Temple Univ. Mellitz, Wyncote Temple Univ.

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Paul Reiff, Philadelphia Univ. Stamm, Philadelphia Med- ieo-Chi.

Weimar, George School Jeff. Pesso- lano, New Kensington Univ. As I read these obituaries I was struck with the small MASSUER STUDENT NNEDS PRACTICE FREE MASSAGE of children listed as survivors. In four cases the survivors were not listed. In the remaining 30 there was a total of 53 chil- dren, an average of 1.

Statisticians tell us that it is necessary to average 2. If this be so, it is apparent that physicians are not reproducing themselves, if we can accept so small a number of cases as being significant. Studies have shown that the national average I. Similar figures have been reported from England. Again assuming that intelligence is largely an inheritable characteristic, perhaps we should be alarmed at the trend. Fewer and fewer jobs are available for the unskilled and untrained and those with the lowest intelligence, because of the removal of such jobs from the labor market by automation.

Yet most of the pop- ulation "explosion" is found in the groups with the lowest incomes, the least education, the lowest I.

The burdens of the Waynesfield OH sexy women State will be carried by a dwindling pro- portion Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 the self-reliant Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 self -support ive.

We have a dysgenic birth rate which should be balanced as well as possible. It is not realistic to expect the intelligent to go into competitive breeding with the unintelligent, but it is sensible for physicians to do all in their power to help the indigent and the "unfortunates" to reduce the size of their families so that, perhaps, they may be only twice as large as those of the M. Before it is too late — and time is running out — all Public Health and Welfare Departments Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 the country should offer all methods of fertility control to those who want it and need it the most, but are deprived of this medical service because they are unable to pay for it.

And perhaps physicians should increase their families to at least 2. May be habit-form- ing0. May be habit-forming0. Throughout the wide middle range of pain PERCODAN assures speed, duration, and depth of analgesia by the oral route plus the reliability that counts so much. Average Adult Dose— 1 tablet every 6 hours.

The usual precautions should be observed as with other opiate analgesics. PERCODAN should be used with caution in patients with known idiosyncrasies to aspirin or phenacetin, and in those Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 blood dyscrasias.

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Hematuria, Mercy Hospital, March 4, 8: New Diagnostic Techniques in Radiology, St. You said that you go to SPU and just finished your undergraduate courses. Codhranton seat on the plan was up front, but not first class. You were in the Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 somewhere. You sfx a very open and friendly attitude. I still can't stop thinking about you.

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