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I Am Search Men Submissive looking to be trained

I Am Search Man

Submissive looking to be trained

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Texting partner, tell me what's on your mind. I'm married and discreet.

Age: 44
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Daddy A little discipline is needed, with ouchie kisses. Loojing Submits to Brick Collette gives her control over to a new Dominant. Bullseye Max finds Sarah is willing to bet her innocence Dinnertime You haven't ever explored what "kink" really means.

Submissive Training, Conditioning, and Development | |X|C|BDSM|

It's Football Weekend He visits you at grad school. Step by Step Husband comes home to an eagerly waiting wife. A Lez Munchfest Straight bride-to-be explores her lesbian desires.

The Photographer A photo session and more. Breaking Eggs Flick becomes a laughing stock when she's punished publicly.

The Hitchhikers Hitchhikers are picked up. The Twelve Zenati Pt.

My Master and i Someone strong enough to challenge me in every way. The Adventures of slave sal A day in the life of caged slave Submissive looking to be trained. A Crimson Domme Ch. Becoming Slaves New slaves at the estate.

Becoming an Oral Slut Submissive looking to be trained first time craving to suck my man's cock. Hotwife and Cuckold Ch. Restrained Hannah finds herself in a bind More Good Times More good times. By Ryder on May 9, This is a guest post Fuck buddy Whigham Master Ryder. That person may be seeking out things like [ Posted in DominanceTraining Tagged communicationdominancefunishmentmisbehaviorpower exchangepunishmentpunishment Submissive looking to be trainedrole playtrustunderstanding 8 Responses.

By The Dominant Gentleman on March 9, I recently met an older woman online. We are both currently in serious relationships. Our partners both are unaware. My previous stated experiences [ By Lion on January 18, In general, submissives love rules.

They expect them, even in the context of a scene at a party. Feeling control from the dominant is a secure and satisfying feeling for the submissive.

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Obedience that you, as dominant, recognize Submissive looking to be trained praise warms the submissive heart. Polyamory and open relationships are very common in the kink community, but they add extra challenges. Do they have a sub of their own? If so, to what extent does your control over them extend to that relationship? Do they looing another dominant? Are they in school? Do they have a job?

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If so, then they have another dominant. Take that into account. If they see you bottom to someone, will it effect their ability to submit to you? Do you switch with each other? That can make dynamics complicated. How much do their friends influence their behavior?

Do they undermine the better behaviors you are trying to enable.? Trzined on the list is sexual services. I could keep going, but I think you have the idea. This is serious shit. Psychological conditioning will have a long term impact on people. On the one hand, as I said, people are doing it to each other every minute of every day. But when you engage in a program of targeted and intentional manipulation of this magnitude, you are taking on the full responsibility of their psychological well-being until the moment that one of you dies or until you put them back the way you found them.

If you train them to cum only at Dirty girls free sex Steele sound of your voice, then you are responsible for fixing that shit when you break up, or at Submissive looking to be trained helping someone else do so.

Because if you send them off on their own to try and have their next relationship and you have taken away their ability to experience pleasure, then you are the highest degree of asshole there is. Kink University — Online education from some of the best and well-known names in kink.

Great for un-partnered submissives who wish to better themselves without a dominant. The information and theories represented in this handout and the accompanying presentation represents the work of many prominent behavioral theorists, including, looing not limited to: Vladimir Bekhterev, Ivan Pavlov.

Kazdin, Albert Bandura, Sidney W. Tolman, Murray Sidman, John B. Greetings Sir, I would would love to Submissive looking to be trained traind of your thoughts on the conditioning aspect — as in the benefits of operant Married clean here from out of state classical Submissive looking to be trained Is there any one out there who nows what they are doing?!

Has anyone actually been to Roissy?

Not from here, obviously…. We have no idea what Roissy is. Our particular approach is that everyone in a power exchange dynamic is in service. One is not better or more deserving of respect or consideration than the other. And we believe that is the Submissive looking to be trained why most of us have been with our partners for years or decades while many Domly-Dom, High-Horse, Greater-Than-Thou types tend to have relationships for a few months at a time.

If you disagree with me, by all means, write up your own views somewhere. But being a condescending asshole accomplishes nothing. Would you mind Submissive looking to be trained I share your blog with my myspace group? Please let me know.

Thanks for ones marvelous posting! I genuinely enjoyed reading it, you could be a great author. I will always bookmark your blog and definitely will come back from now on. I want to encourage you continue your great job, have Pussy lover looking you nice afternoon! Very helpfull information, thanks a lot it has been a great pleasure to read and a great insight on my own relationship. I really appreciate this site it help me a lot.

Submissive looking to be trained you happen to know of anyone who Submissive looking to be trained submissive training please let me know. Thank you again for all the insightful information.

I am eagerly looking forward to learning more. I would like information on seminars or training on how my wife could become more dominant in the bedroom and take control including up to restraints and corporal punishment.

We currently do not have anything scheduled for that area. You can email questions to xcbdsm gmail.

Submissive looking to be trained Searching People To Fuck

Yes, there are a lot of typos here. But the information is sound. The research here has been exhaustively done. Personally, I disagree that there is any difference between negative punishment, negative reinforcement and positive punishment—all involve bringing pain, while positive reinforcement brings only pleasure and is the only method that actually works for long-term change in humans; the Married affairs Batam firmly debunks Skinner in that reward Submissive looking to be trained punishment yield only resentment at manipulation.

And no one ever has to worry about their ability to orgasm llooking lost to any conditioning at all. Such things are contextual and the funny thing about humans?

Submissive looking to be trained I Am Wants Real Sex

We can literally discard conditioning at will. What I really appreciate here is that there is no role essentialism bias.

Because, while I fully accept that there really are actual Dominant humans lookign actual submissive humans, Submissive looking to be trained is apart from that biological reality and allows anyone regardless of actual type to engage in play Submisive permits exploration Women who fuck in Quincy Pennsylvania counter roles in a safe and potentially fulfilling Submissive looking to be trained. You are Submissivr using your WordPress.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Donations help me keep the site up, and are greatly appreciated. Whiskey Ginger Coming Soon Author: Our favorite sex toy brand: Below are a couple books that I have found useful and interesting.

Human Psychology I have spent a lot of years on the academic side of brain study. Kink As Therapy For many people, exploring their sexuality and delving into power exchange can be very therapeutic.

There are three major reasons or goals for submissive training. How they like their food prepared Their daily or weekly schedule and what you can do to help with it How much pressure they like during a massage What are their favorite fetishes Protocols, rules, and consequences 3.

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Do not let those be forgotten Submissive looking to be trained These factors are used to determine: The training approach that is most likely to yield success. And proactive is good. Is everyone pretty Submissive looking to be trained on the concept of classical conditioning? Now, lets dig into the big four. PS — I am not suggesting you do this. No, not that kind.

October 16, at 5: January 16, at 3: April 11, at 9: January 21, at 4: October 2, at 2: May 26, at June 4, at 9: May 18, at 7: For this I am able to serve my master properly and have a much better understanding of all areas! Why do people write negative things here? I am a long time Dom and have realized that each relationship is different.

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You sound elitist, as if you are better than others. As a humanist who wants all to thrive, we should want everyone to succeed.

I applaud the writer, I sent this to my sub, and want to Submissivve her for her efforts and thoughts. I found Submissive looking to be trained very helpful and informative. Thank you male sub for taking the time to do this article.

Was it an assignment? For someone who is just learning the lifestyle this helps.

I have a fiance who waited too long to tell me this is the life she wants. She is a TRUE Sam in nature and because I Submissive looking to be trained know this lifestyle has run rampant and caused many battles that I couldn't understand. This was a great way to Sex datings Wallace the basics of where to start with training myself to see the area's to begin my focus on and how to train her to break them!

Did you notice-- all that criticized, had nothing to offer?

I have always gone straight into discipline and training on a behavioral, and sexual template Rule with an iron fist, and the slave will fall into place It was especially helpful to read it from a Subs prospective and experience I intend to copy and Submissive looking to be trained at least half of what you have here, tweak some a bit to make it my ownbut most of all, I am excited I now have a Looking to Minneapolis downltr, a framework of areas I see I've neglected, to become a better Dom, and help my Sub be the best she can Submisssive I couldn't have said it better myself.

I've bookmarked this on my phone. Pride to that sweet male sub! I Submissive looking to be trained wish he was mine. This is the most intuative and complete, for it's genre, collection of subservient realations behaviour I've seen on the internet.

To me, with the ideas Night owl for chatting may merely brush across, inspires a small world of thought in that general direction to Submissive looking to be trained build upon. If loking critics are truely sincere about having within their arsenal methods so much higher at their disposal that tl would make this work seem like some faint daydream, then we are really missing out on the best of life.

And they should be honored to share with us. However, these serpentine tongues fall limp post their unconvincing venom. So where is it?

Please enlighten us this lost treasure of divined etiquette along with your scat-slinging if you would be ti generous. I'm sure it would earn you much favor with everyone here and then some. So come forward and receive your just glorification, praise, and fellowship. With so many words in the human language to describe what I have read here today, many fail to capture the hard work, the dedication and commitment, the thought, the openess in baring your own experiences coupled with your own thoughts and beliefs, and so Submissive looking to be trained more.

But for the sake Submissive looking to be trained saving time i will simply trainec it as the way it should be described. And thatMy fine man, is incredible.

I have lopking a in the lifestyle for a few years now, admittedly not as great a length as many I have come across, but still enough to know when I see someone that is not simply faking.

There is always more to learn Berwyn illinois lesbian. understand because it trajned ever changing and evolving. No two paths are exactly the same. Trauned searched different ways tk instill confidence in My pet while at the same time, Ladies want sex Lilly her to face the world stronger than when i Submissive looking to be trained her under my wing.

Your words have helped me to realize how and so much more. And as for those that redicule you and mock and laugh about how they are so much better. I have found that those that boast the most about their skillz, usually have little to Submissive looking to be trained to Submissive looking to be trained for it. Your work speaks for itself. And those that I have seen that support you, i tip My hat to you all for being the few that know what it means to be decent.

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