What are the tiles made of?

Each tile is made from a sustainably harvested plywood with various real wood veneers. Our plywood is domestically sourced, formaldehyde and VOC free.

How are the tiles installed?

We offer the option of included double-sided tape or any all-purpose construction adhesive would also work.

How long will the tape last?

Our double-sided tape has been rated by the manufacturer for 10 years of use.

Can tiles be installed in a bathroom or kitchen?

Yes, every tile is sealed, however, we recommend using all-purpose construction adhesive instead of the double sided tape due to the moisture.

Are there discounts for designers/architects?

Yes, we offer up to 20% off for professionals. Please inquire.

How many tiles equal a square foot?

Two large hexagons are equal to one square foot. Four and a half small hexagons is equal to one square foot. Two herringbone tiles equal one square foot. See sizing chart for visual comparison.

What is the typical lead time after ordering?

From the time of purchase, please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.